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New Online Wine Financial Tools and Business Education Programs Primed for Global Markets


Master of Wine Tim Hanni and WineBusinessEducation.com Launch Multi-Use Technology Platforms

Bend, Ore.—May 14, 2018—Tim Hanni, Master of Wine (MW), and his partners, Chris Cutler and Danni Lin, have launched a suite of financial workbooks and educational programs at WineBusinessEducation.com, an online platform that offers educational and real-life financial tools for wine professionals, wine and hospitality industry students, startup wine companies, and anyone simply interested in learning more about the inner workings of the wine business.

WineBusinessEducation.com injects textbook applications of wine business with automated technologies, allowing for a tailored, full-access approach to learning about the business of wine, and putting knowledge to practical use for education, sales and marketing, vineyard management, and winery operations.

“The launch of WineBusinessEducation.com is a natural extension of my work with online wine education courses and industry technologies over the past 30 years with nearly 8 years teaching professional-level wine business courses online. The combination of products aims to deliver on-demand education that can also be tailored to regionally-specific business needs, such as grape pricing, benchmarking of production costs and salaries, or other variables in states and regions throughout the United States” said Hanni, who furthered, “The national, and international, implications of this automated wine business education technology are exciting – many scenarios exist for the possible use of automating wine business education for institutions, universities, regional promotional organizations, winery 501(c)3 education initiatives, and wine companies who can benefit by improving the business acumen of their team.”

Hanni and Oregon Wine Board education manager, Bree Boskov, Master of Wine, just launched the first program of this type including the Wine Profit Calculator, a cost of goods and margin calculator for Oregon Wine producers, growers, and industry, the first comprehensive tool of its kind to be designed by a regional board for the economic benefit of its producers. The launch of the program included hands-on regional workshops throughout Oregon to help the industry learn to use the tools and discuss the best practices and benchmarks for the wine supply and value chains. “Wine education and the application of technology further the practical understanding of wine as a product, and benefit the end user, the consumer” said Hanni, who is expanding of technologies like the Wine Profit Calculator in other U.S. markets.

Hanni’s 8-week online course, “Understanding the Business of Wine”, begins May 30, 2018 via the Napa Valley Wine Academy. Hanni is also a faculty member and instructor of wine business with the Washington State University Tri-Cities online Wine Business Management certificate program.


Tim Hanni, MW, is one of the first two resident Americans to successfully complete the examination and earn the title, Master of Wine. He is a Certified Wine Educator accredited by the Society of Wine Educators and has been involved with wine – and food-related businesses, education, and research – for over thirty-five years. Hanni co-founded myVinotype, a tool for consumers to learn more about their own preferences, and a smart wine recommendation platform for wine-related businesses. TimHanni.com, myVinotype.comWineBusinessEducation.com.



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