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Introducing J. Bouchon País Viejo 2017


Wine That’s Authentic to Chile’s Vinous Past

(SAUSALITO, CA) May, 2018 – Chilean winery J. Bouchon introduces new wine J. Bouchon País Viejo 2017, a drinkable and affordable red made from 100 year old, dry-farmed, estate vines that are planted in Chile’s coastal region of Maule. Vine Connections, their fine wine importer that houses the only appellation based Chilean portfolio in the U.S., sees this wine as a focal point in the trending restoration of heritage varietals in Chile.

In addition to being highly quaffable, J. Bouchon País Viejo 2017 is made from rehabilitated País vines, which provide a window into Chile’s ancestral viticulture. Brothers Julio and Juan Bouchon were inspired to restore languishing pockets of old País vines in Maule when they took over their family winery in 2014.

Chilean País dates back to the 1500s when the varietal was first planted in the Americas by the Spaniards. País vines were later discarded for trendier plantings of Bordeaux varietals, however the Bouchon brothers see these overlooked vines as an opportunity to craft intriguing and affordable wines that are true to Chile’s centuries-old winemaking heritage. As such, J. Bouchon is leading the charge in carving a unique identity for Chilean wine that is faithful to the nation’s winemaking history and terroir.

“Our portfolio is on the front lines of the fine wine revolution that is happening down in Chile. It’s an exciting time for Chilean wine, and J. Bouchon is leading the charge in the restoration of heritage varietals,” says Ed Lehrman, co-founder and Managing Partner of Vine Connections.

J. Bouchon País Viejo 2017 is crafted from head-trained, Gobelet País vines that are over 100 years old and dry farmed in J. Bouchon’s Maule estate.  The País Viejo (‘Old País’) grapes are removed from their clusters manually by being rubbed over a traditional zaranda, a wooden grid that acts as destemmer and press.  The wine is naturally vinified and fermented with native yeast in concrete tanks to preserve its fresh profile.

J. Bouchon País Viejo 2017 is available nationwide at the suggested retail price of $15. 


Bouchon Family Wines began in the late 19th century when young viticulturist Emile Bouchon left Bordeaux, France for Chile. Today, Julio Bouchon and his children carry on their 4th generation family winemaking tradition in the Maule Valley.  With their in-depth soil research alongside terroir-specialist Pedro Parra, Bouchon is preserving the historic character of the Maule Valley with distinctive, terroir-driven wines. J. Bouchon is likewise investing in research and development to track the history, path, and evolution of País  across the globe.


Founded in 1999 by Ed Lehrman and Nick Ramkowsky, Vine Connections pioneered the first nationally imported portfolio of artisan wines from Argentina and soon after introduced the US to a premium selection of Japanese ginjo sake. In 2013, they launched “The New Chile,” a diverse, high-quality, appellation-based portfolio of boutique Chilean wine. The company represents the largest portfolio of boutique Argentine and Chilean wineries in the United States with almost 70 wines and 20 brands produced by some of South America’s most highly regarded winemakers and viticulturists. Their small domestic portfolio is a collection of some of California’s most exciting people-driven wines. Vine Connections also represents 16 of Japan’s finest sake breweries that produce some of the world’s best artisan chilled sake. Vine Connections is headquartered in Sausalito, California.