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Industry Leader Addresses Winery Labor Shortage with Automation Options


In this day of labor shortage, wineries are seeking solutions to manage this difficult situation. A-B-C Packaging helps wineries looking to reduce labor, eliminate liability and reliably feed bottles whether received in reshipper cases or bulk palletloads. For over fifty years, they have been at the forefront of providing decasing and depalletizing solutions to wineries across the country. Made in Florida, their USA-based operation provides two excellent solutions for different production line needs.

Buying glass in reshipper cases is the best option for many wineries, but manual case unloading is a labor-intensive job with risk of repetitive motion injuries for workers. That’s where A-B-C’s decasers can help, providing automatic unloading and bottle single filing, with the added benefit of minimum bottle contact to maintain glass integrity. Reducing labor costs as well as the risk of injury and liability, this decaser can be your best new winery investment.

Bryan Sinicrope, VP of Sales and Marketing at A-B-C Packaging, described the company’s long history in the wine industry as he recalled a visit to a large winery in 1976, where they were running thirteen A-B-C decasers. Today, A-B-C’s customers include major wineries across the country. “Our machines,” says Sinicrope, “are built for reliability and longevity.”

Wine glass started seeing a change in the early 1980’s, when bulk bottle handling was emerging in the U.S., after it had gained acceptance in Europe. Early depalletizers from A-B-C included a semi-automatic model that allowed an operator to manually guide layers from pallet to unloading table.

Today, A-B-C depalletizers are fully automatic and run reverse-taper and non-standard bottles as well as standard wine bottles. The efficient design and high quality of their depalletizers ensure that high-volume production is entirely reliable. In bulk glass handling, pallet layer stability and bottle integrity are critically important, and A-B-C depalletizers are designed to ensure both–with exclusive four-sided layer squaring of both the primary and secondary layers during sweep-off, ensuring perfect load positioning and maximum bottle stability.

“Our commitment to the wine industry is longstanding and we are proud to serve many major wineries in North America,” says Sinicrope.



A-B-C equipment is supported by a professional service network throughout North America. Supplying a complete line of secondary packaging machinery from case erectors to palletizers, A-B-C is a full service resource to help wineries run more efficiently and effectively.

For more information, visit us online at www.abcpackaging.com or call Bryan Sinicrope, A-B-C Packaging at 727-937-5144 or 800-237-5975.