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Vinventions and Vinolok to Shift Strategic Focus


Leading Wine Closure Solution provider Vinventions and Vinolok agree to cease collaborative partnership to pursue separate strategic objectives

ZEBULON, NC, USA / THIMISTER, Belgium / JABLONEC, Czech Republic (April 30, 2018) Vinventions, the leading global wine closure solution provider, and Vinolok a.s., the worldwide producer of the Vinolok/Vinoseal glass closures, have together announced the mutual separation of their distribution partnership of Vinolok/Vinoseal. Since 2015, Vinventions has distributed the glass closures through its Complete Closure Solutions offerings to the wine industry. In a mutual agreement reached by both parties, primary distribution of Vinolok/Vinoseal glass wine closures will pass back to company Vinolok a.s. (previously named as Preciosa GS, a.s.)

“Vinventions has successfully built the market for Vinolok/Vinoseal and created a platform for further growth under the next generation of leadership,” says Ales Urbanek, Managing Director at Vinolok a.s. “The brand Vinolok/Vinoseal has been very successful, experiencing growth of more than 20% globally in 2017 alone.”

The two groups have determined to move forward with ending the collaborative partnership to allow each to focus on its core, aligning with each party’s shift in strategy.

“Vinolok/Vinoseal is an amazingly beautiful and value-enhancing closure, which – going forward – requires a selling approach, which can best be delivered by the new Vinolok a.s.,” says Dr. Heino Freudenberg, President and CEO of Vinventions. “Vinventions will continue to accelerate its growth in inner-seal wine closures and wine screwcaps. We will further steer our resources, innovations and investments towards being the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of Complete Wine Closure Solutions.”

“Vinolok remains focused on developing unique and inspiring Vinolok closures,” adds Ales Urbanek. “We look ahead to further growth and progress across the wine and spirits markets worldwide. One of the main objectives of our company is to provide customers with high quality products and services and this is the goal we want to follow up with.”

As of May 15, 2018, this shift will take effect in most major global markets, with a final close date globally of June 30, 2018. 


Vinventions was created in 2015 by family entrepreneur Marc Noël together with Bespoke Capital Partners, Heino Freudenberg and additional partners. Vinventions’ vision is to be the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of Complete Wine Closure Solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry. Since January 2015, Vinventions has acquired Nomacorc, Ohlinger Group and Syntek Bouchage and has created strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Cork Supply (natural cork) and Alplast S.r.l. (screwcaps). This led to the creation of Vinventions’ Complete Wine Closure Solutions, which encompass Nomacorc (PlantCorcs), Syntek (synthetics), Ohlinger (natural corks), Vintop and Alplast (screwcaps), as well as Wine Quality Solutions (oenological tools and services) and Wine Marketing Solutions (marketing services and wine consumer insights). Today, Vinventions employs over 550 associates globally and operates seven production sites in USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Argentina, South Africa and China. Including Alplast wine closures, Vinventions protects every seventh bottle of wine worldwide with its closure solutions, making it the second largest wine closure supplier worldwide with strong organic sales growth in 2017. The leadership values of Vinventions are based on customer proximity, innovation, local entrepreneurship, open teamwork, sustainability and long-term responsibility. Find out more at  www.vinventions.com.  

About Vinolok a.s.:

Vinolok a.s. is a member of the Preciosa Group. Preciosa Group is a leading international glass manufacturer. From the world famous Czech beads and crystal components used in fashion industry, to tailor made lighting projects for luxury hotels, royal palaces and yachts, the true craftsmanship of crystal production has been present in Bohemia since 16th century. The glass closure Vinolok/Vinoseal is made from pure Bohemian glass and since the beginning produced in the Preciosa company plant. The glass closure is the most elegant and creative closure for wines, spirits, water, and oils. Find out more at www.vinolok.com



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