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Celebrate National Mimosa Day with Korbel California Champagne


A simple cocktail consisting of equal parts sparkling wine and orange juice, the mimosa is an iconic classic that has been enjoyed at family gatherings, showers and weekend brunches for decades. The drink transforms the time-honored breakfast beverage of orange juice, and gives it an adult-only, bubbly flair, perfect for sipping anytime.  It’s no wonder this traditional, two-ingredient sparkler has a day dedicated to its existence – mark your calendars for National Mimosa Day on May 16as if you needed an excuse to celebrate with one of America’s favorite cocktails!

Korbel California Champagne is offering up a few facts, tips and tricks to help you and your readers master the mimosa. After all, The Official Sponsor of Brunch® knows how to raise a glass accordingly.


  1. According to legend, the mimosa originated sometime in the 1920s and was created by a head bartender of a luxury hotel in Paris.
  2. The name is said to have come from the drink’s orange color, emulating a tropical plant called the Acacia Dealbata.
  3. Story has it that after the creation of the cocktail, Europeans made the mimosa fashionable, influencing New Yorkers to adopt the drink in the U.S. sometime in the late 1960s.
  4. The mimosa was originally enjoyed as a pre-dinner or evening cocktail, but as the brunch craze became increasingly popular over time, the iconic drink became a staple on the brunch table in the U.S.
  5. According to a survey conducted by Korbel, 1 in 4 sparkling wine drinkers report that they prefer to drink it mixed, like in a mimosa, with Korbel being the top brand mentioned for mixing!

MIMOSA TIP! Ever wonder the perfect ratio of bubbles to orange juice? Here’s how to properly mix up the classic:



  • 4 oz. Korbel Brut
  • 4 oz. orange juice

Pour orange juice into a champagne flute and top with Korbel.

MIMOSA TRICK! Make it a Mimosa Bar – From juices to garnishes, and all of the bubbles in between, a mimosa can consist of many flavors beyond traditional orange. Celebrate National Mimosa Day with endless combinations by putting together a mimosa bar. The perfect complement to any brunch festivity, a mimosa bar allows guests to serve themselves based on their own taste preferences, and ensures the host or hostess spends more time enjoying their mimosa, and less time mixing up drinks for the crowd.

Here’s everything you need:

Korbel California Champagne – Consider options for different taste preferences, like Sweet Rosé for something complex and fruit-forward, Brut Rosé for something delicate and crisp, or Brut for something classic and balanced.

Juices – Along with everyone’s favorite classic orange, include options like cranberry, pomegranate, and passion fruit. Guests will enjoy mixing up various flavor combinations for their personalized mimosa.

Garnishes – Who doesn’t love a fresh strawberry or raspberry garnish? Include sliced pineapple, blueberries and even herbs like mint and basil for a fresh, springtime sparkler.

Glassware – A traditional champagne flute will never go out of style. But consider offering a variety of glassware options like a stemless wine glass, a coupe glass, or even a mason jar for a trendy alternative.

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