Imagine a world where you can have it all.

You are able to craft beautiful, high-end artisan wines in a pristine, well run production facility that delivers a perfect expression of the fruit every time.

When your vintage is ready for bottling and distribution, you can activate your carefully cultivated mailing list and invite your best clients to a tour of the facility for a hosted tasting experience that makes a connection they won’t forget.

Furthermore, you can sell that wine, on site, right now – and this all happens in the same building.

Welcome to Grand Cru Custom Crush, located in Windsor, CA, providing world-class custom crush services in a purpose-built facility for independent winemakers and small producers throughout Sonoma County.

The concept of a dual-purpose space where the wine is made and the winemakers host targeted clientele is the brainchild of Co-Owners Erin Brooks, a vintner, and Robert Morris, a production expert. The two had previously worked together at another custom crush facility and needed a way to do it better.

“We wanted a production site to elevate the wines, so they could evolve further,” explains Brooks. “It is also important that a wine brand have a home to welcome consumers in a shared experience with the winemaker or vintner… to allow that relationship to develop and grow.”

To that end, Grand Cru Custom Crush offers 31,000 square feet of production and hospitality space that includes;

  • Crush Pad and Sorting System from Burgsthaler Machine Works
  • Rotovibe Destemmer with internal berry sorting technology
  • 42Hl & 60Hl Bladder presses from Euro Machines
  • Carlsen & Associates Basket Press
  • 66 Stainless Steel tanks from AAA-Metal Fabrication for ferments from 2 tons up to 7 tons
  • 4 temperature and humidity controlled barrel rooms
  • Chilled & Hot Glycol systems all controlled via TankNET
  • 6 Private tasting spaces and 3 Conference Rooms to properly host your guests for tastings
  • InnoVint winery management platform
  • TankNET temperature control system

“Grand Cru targets passionately-focused artisans making the best wine that they can,” asserts Morris. “In order to do that they need a well-equipped facility that is clean, sanitary, and has a organized process flow to ferment grapes and craft wine. That’s exactly what we provide.”

Consumers have the option of booking a tour of this state-of-the-art production facility, scheduling to taste with a specific winery, as well as sampling wines from the “Vintners’ Selection”, a hand-picked offering from a rotating variety of the Grand Cru members.

After just a year in operation, the dream that has become Grand Cru Custom Crush is paying dividends.

“Our clients have noticed an incredible uptick in sales within the first three months of our facility being open to the tune of thousands of dollars,” reports Brooks, “I can’t tell you how validating that is.”

“When you come to wine country and visit a winery that shows you the production process and then allows you to taste world-class wines, it really builds a memory,” Morris affirms. “That’s what this facility is all about.”.

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