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Australian First Families of Wine: A Premiere at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018


Bordeaux, April 9th, 2018  – Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 will host one of the world’s most exciting wine-producing countries as Country of Honour: Australia, in partnership with Wine Australia. The Vinexpo Academy Program will be rich in Australian wine tastings and feature the Australian First Families of Wine in an Inaugural Unlocked Master Class. This exceptional master class will be presented for the first time outside of Australia on May 30th (10:00 – 11:30) and trigger much anticipation.

Australia’s First Families of Wine’s (AFFW) will be unlocking their cellars to share their aged family jewels in this master class. The AFFW’s panel will feature different generations of the families themselves and each will present their specially chosen wine from their own cellars. They will give Vinexpo’s visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most recognized names and experience their most respected and revered wines.



This inaugural international tasting event will emphasize the quality, depth and breadth of premium Australian wine coming from the most iconic vineyards in the world. It will be the perfect occasion to gain an in-depth understanding of the role played by AFFW and how they bring together the oldest Australian family owned, multi-generational wineries, who between them, have over 1380 years of winemaking experience.

Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018, the most influential wine & spirits trade exhibition in Asia-Pacific, will celebrate its 20th anniversary with an especially remarkable program of events at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on May 29-31 and will showcase more than 1,300 exhibitors from 30 countries.

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About Vinexpo

Vinexpo organises wine and spirits events for industry professionals acting as the sector’s international partner since its establishment, in 1981, on the initiative of Bordeaux Gironde’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Through its 35 years’ B2B experience the Group has developed an in-depth understanding of the market, as well as establishing strong relationships with key distributors across the world. It runs exhibitions in five set locations (Bordeaux, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and soon Paris), and one touring show (Vinexpo Explorer). Vinexpo thus covers the three continents with the highest consumption rates and continues to be the market leader for wine and spirits events as the go-to forum for producers and buyers. The Group is expanding with two new exhibitions in New York (2018) and Paris (2020) and with Vinexpo Explorer (held in Austria in 2017) scheduled to take place in California in September 2018. Vinexpo’s successful expansion strategy is marked this year by the 20th anniversary celebration of its pioneering establishment in Hong Kong, in 1998, of the first ever wine and spirits exhibition in the region.

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