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Vinventions and Alplast Announce Wine Screwcap Acquisition


—Alplast 30 x 60 Wine Screwcaps Become Member of Vinventions Group—

ZEBULON, NC, USA / THIMISTER, BELGIUM / TIGLIOLE, ITALY (March 26, 2018) — In a joint statement today, Vinventions, the leading global provider of Complete Wine Closure Solutions, and Alplast S.r.l., a leading producer of high-quality closures for wine and general food, have announced that the 30 x 60 wine screwcap business of Alplast will join the renowned Vinventions Group starting May 1, 2018.

With this strategic partnership, Vinventions adds more than 200 million 30 x 60 wine screwcaps to its growing Complete Closure Solutions portfolio, effectively positioning it as the third largest supplier of wine screwcaps worldwide. Alplast S.r.l. will continue to produce the 30 x 60 wine screwcaps exclusively on behalf of Vinventions at its plant in Tigliole, Italy, while Vinventions will take over the sales, marketing and order fulfillment for 30 x 60 wine screwcaps, offering to customers around the world a much closer market proximity, enhanced customer service and additional wine closure solution opportunities.

“We are very proud to welcome the Goria Family and their well-known Alplast wine screwcaps to our Vinventions Group!” says Dr. Heino Freudenberg, President and CEO at Vinventions. “As we further accelerate our growth in wine screwcaps and inner-seal wine closures, this is the perfect moment for us to expand our wine screwcap collection and to add ‘Alplast’ to our well-established House of Brands. This makes our Complete Wine Closure Solutions even more attractive for our customers around the world!”

“We cordially welcome the renowned Vinventions sales teams to lead the sales, marketing and order fulfillment of our 30 x 60 wine screwcaps. Our strategic alliance with Vinventions enables Alplast S.r.l. to focus even more on the high-quality, cost-effective production of wine screwcaps. We will accelerate our investments into the innovation and production capacity for 30 x 60 wine screwcaps in Italy and delight our customers with even better screwcap closures, which are produced by Alplast and marketed globally by Vinventions,” says Francesco Goria, President at Alplast S.r.l.

The “Alplast” name will become an additional brand for screwcaps in Vinventions’ House of Brands and will stand for high-quality, cost-efficient, litho-printed and offset-printed screwcaps, differentiated from Vinventions’ existing screwcap brand, Vintop. Vinventions’ current Vintop brand customers will also benefit from the additional choice in screwcap options; Vintop will continue to represent the company’s line of high-end, innovative and beautifully decorated long-skirted screwcaps.


Vinventions was created in 2015 by family entrepreneur Marc Noël together with Bespoke Capital Partners, Heino Freudenberg and additional partners. Vinventions’ vision is to be the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of Complete Wine Closure Solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry. Since January 2015, Vinventions has acquired Nomacorc, Ohlinger Group and Syntek Bouchage and has created strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Cork Supply (natural cork) and Alplast S.r.l. (screwcaps). This led to the creation of Vinventions’ Complete Wine Closure Solutions, which encompass Nomacorc (PlantCorcs), Syntek (synthetics), Ohlinger (natural corks), Vintop and Alplast (screwcaps), as well as Wine Quality Solutions (oenological tools and services) and Wine Marketing Solutions (marketing services and wine consumer insights). Today, Vinventions employs over 550 associates globally and operates seven production sites in USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Argentina, South Africa and China. Including Alplast wine closures, Vinventions protects every seventh bottle of wine worldwide with its closure solutions, making it the second largest wine closure supplier worldwide with strong organic sales growth in 2017. The leadership values of Vinventions are based on customer proximity, innovation, local entrepreneurship, open teamwork, sustainability and long-term responsibility. Find out more at  www.vinventions.com


Alplast S.r.l. was founded 1953 by Renato Goria and Maddalena Rigamonti in Turin, Italy, with the production of aluminium caps for the spirits industry. Alplast is 100% family-owned and now led in the second generation by Francesco Goria and Erminio Goria who joined the company between the late 1970s and early 1980s and who are today Chairman and CEO of Alplast S.r.l., respectively. The third generation also came on board starting with Michela and Francesca Goria in 2002 and, at a later stage, supported by Lorenzo and Eugenia Goria. Alplast produces a wide range of aluminium caps for the spirits and wine industry as well as for olive oils, vinegar, mineral water and soft drinks. Alplast also produces plastic caps for food closures (coffee, spices, etc.), soft drinks, edible oils, etc., as well as all the pourers and inserts used for aluminium closures. Alplast employs over 220 associates and operates three production plants in Italy. While production is exclusively based in Italy, Alplast exports in over 80 countries worldwide and is today a leading company in the production of closures combining the flexibility of a family-owned company with the focus on innovation, quality and cost-effectivness of a well-structured organization.



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