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Ron Rubin Winery Trained for “Saving Lives” Program Expands from Sonoma County to Include All of the North Coast with a Free ZOLL AED (Automated External Defibrillator)


Sebastopol, CA: Ron Rubin, of Ron Rubin Winery, had exclusively funded a program for saving lives in only Sonoma County. In collaboration with the American Red Cross and ZOLL Medical Corporation, this program has now received numerous requests from other American Viticultural Areas. Ron Rubin Winery, American Red Cross, and ZOLL are pleased to announce their expanded coverage to now include all North Coast regions.

  • Lake County
  • Marin County
  • Mendocino County
  • Napa County
  • Sonoma County (continuing)
  • Solano County

In order for a winery in the North Coast to qualify to receive a ZOLL AED PLUS, North Coast winery owners, or representatives, must begin the process by directly contacting Ron Rubin via email: [email protected].


After a winery’s qualifications are approved to receive the AED PLUS (valued at $1,700), it will be promptly contacted by a representative from the American Red Cross, to schedule CPR/AED/First Aid training for the winery’s team. Winery participants will cover a very minimal cost of $60.00 per person, for their staff’s training.

To date, 88 wineries have been certified for this program. Along with Ron Rubin Winery, the American Red Cross, and ZOLL, all of these North Coast wineries are committed to being Trained For Saving Lives.



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