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CK Mondavi and Family Introduces the Fourth Generation


The winery announces that the fourth generation Mondavis are now more involved in the family-run business as shareholders, board members and brand ambassadors

Napa, CA, March 19, 2018— C. Mondavi & Family today announced that the next generation of the Mondavi family is now officially more involved in the family’s business, including the CK Mondavi and Family brand. As part of the announcement, C. Mondavi & Family revealed that members of the fourth generation, or “G4” as they are called, are now shareholders in the company. They also serve as official brand ambassadors and two members have been appointed to the board of directors. Fourth generation family members include Alycia Mondavi, Angelina Mondavi, Giovanna Mondavi, Lia Mondavi, Lucio Mondavi, and Riana Mondavi. 

Each member of the “G4” brings their own approach and expertise to the business, creating a diverse background within the overall umbrella company of C. Mondavi & Family. Their daily contributions to the CK Mondavi and Family brand include serving as brand ambassadors and providing guidance on the direction of the winery that has remained family owned for almost seventy-five years. 

Mondavi family G4, photo by Erin Miller

“CK Mondavi and Family wines are a tradition that has been in our family for four generations,” said “G4” family member, Riana Mondavi. “Passion has kept our family business going and I can say for all of us in this next generation, we are extremely humbled to carry on a wine legacy that was started by our great grandparents so long ago. We are also wholeheartedly committed to continuing the Mondavi family tradition for generations to come.” 

Their collective expertise is wide ranged and each G4 member has a natural interest and training in different parts of the business including business management, engineering, finance, marketing, sales, and winemaking. While third generation family members, Marc Mondavi and Peter Mondavi Jr., remain co-proprietors of the company, this next generation is now more involved in the direction of the business and they are being groomed for the future of the C. Mondavi & Family company, including the CK Mondavi and Family brand. CK Mondavi and Family is featuring the G4 in their upcoming merchandising campaigns as well as in their marketing messages and social media messages throughout 2018. 

The Mondavi family has been in succession planning for a number of years, yet recently added members of this next generation to the company’s board of directors (June 2017). At the same time the Mondavis created a family council, where third and fourth generation Mondavi family members meet on a regular basis to discuss planning and strategy for the company. The G4 were also recently appointed official brand ambassadors and are responsible for promoting the brand and representing their family as needed. 

“With the passing of our father, Peter Mondavi, Sr., in 2016, my brother and I had the opportunity to re-visit the structure of our business,” said Marc Mondavi, Co-Proprietor of C. Mondavi & Family. “We are thrilled that our children overwhelmingly support continuing this legacy and have decided to be more involved in the business.” 

The “Mondavi G4” includes: 

Alycia Mondavi, Brand Ambassador –The daughter of Marc and Janice Mondavi, Alycia graduated from the University of San Diego in 2007 with degrees in marketing and management. In 2008, she earned her paralegal certificate and was a paralegal for five years prior to returning to the wine industry. Today, Alycia is a marketing consultant and helps to manage numerous boutique brands, including Aloft and Dark Matter, two brands she co-owns with her three sisters. In 2012 she returned to the family business as a family brand ambassador.

Angelina Mondavi, Brand Ambassador and Board Member – One of the four daughters of Marc and Janice Mondavi, Angelina attended Villanova University and majored in chemistry with a minor in business. Angelina has an extensive resume as a consulting winemaker both nationally and internationally. Today, she is a well-known Napa Valley winemaker for several small, luxury brands including Aloft and Dark Matter wines and stays involved in the family business as a brand ambassador and board member.

Giovanna Mondavi, Brand Ambassador – The youngest daughter of Marc and Janice Mondavi, Giovanna (Gigi) graduated from the D’Amore McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Gigi then decided to stay in Boston and focus on pursuing a career in sales with MFS Investments. Today she serves as a CK Mondavi and Family brand ambassador.

Lia Mondavi, Brand Ambassador – Daughter of Peter Mondavi, Jr. and Katie Mondavi, Lia will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics-Design from Harvard University in 2019. Currently, she is a Food Literacy Project Fellow at Harvard University where she works to promote an understanding and appreciation of food and our food system. She is a family brand ambassador, bringing her expertise and insight to the family business. 

Lucio Mondavi, Brand Ambassador and Board Member – Son of Peter Mondavi, Jr. and Katie Mondavi, Lucio has a Master of Science (M.S.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Today, he lives in Bologna, Italy, where he is a vehicle dynamics engineer at Lamborghini. Lucio also serves as a family brand ambassador and serves on the C. Mondavi & Family board of directors. 

Riana Mondavi, Brand Ambassador and Director of National Accounts, On Premise – The daughter of Marc and Janice Mondavi, Riana is the Director of National Accounts, On Premise, for C. Mondavi & Family. Riana officially began her career as a Wine Sales Consultant, On Premise, for Southern Wine & Spirits, where she learned the sales side of the business. She officially joined the family business in 2011, working her way up from Pacific Northwest Regional Sales Manager to Northern California Regional Sales Manager and then her current director position. She also serves as a family brand ambassador for the CK Mondavi and Family brand, serving as a key spokesperson for the Mondavi G4. 

About CK Mondavi and Family

CK Mondavi and Family wines are bottled in the Napa Valley by the iconic C. Mondavi & Family. For consumers desiring consistently delicious, everyday wines, CK Mondavi and Family wines over deliver for the price point. Based in the Napa Valley for almost seventy-five years, CK Mondavi and Family’s grapes are 100% sourced from California vineyards, utilizing sustainable farming techniques and winemaking practices that are more typical of expensive wines. Their relentless commitment to quality winemaking and hands-on small lot sourcing sets them apart from other value wines. A large portion of the grapes in CK Mondavi and Family wines are estate grown on the family’s 1,850 acres of vineyard property and the family is committed to working with American growers that they’ve had partnerships with for generations. CK Mondavi and Family are the first and only wines 100% “Made in USA Certified®” and the family produces wines that are consistent, vintage-to-vintage, providing consumers with a value and quality they can rely on. Today, CK Mondavi and Family remains one of the most successful wine brands in America because of its excellent quality and great value. They can be found online at CKMondavi.com, or on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram @CKMondaviWines. 




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