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Malbec Argentino: You Know Me and You Don’t


Celebrate Malbec World Day by opening a bottle of Argentina’s flagship grape this April 17th!

New York, NY, March 15th, 2018Wines of Argentina is excited to announce the upcoming 8th edition of Malbec World Day, the international celebration of Argentina’s icon, which takes place on April 17th every year. Entitled “Malbec Argentino: You Know Me and You Don’t,” this new edition sheds light on how Malbec is constantly being reinvented by a restless generation of agronomists and winemakers willing to take this classic varietal beyond the limits of the imagination.

To do so, this new generation has pushed the wine borders in all directions: westward, up into the Andes; southward, seeking the cold of the southern latitudes; and even eastward, pursuing the Atlantic Ocean and its influence on terroir. In honor of Malbec World Day, explore what makes this grape so special and learn how Argentina’s current generation keeps breaking new ground to unleash an inexhaustible range of Malbec profiles, for a variety whose potential has yet to be discovered.

M is for Malleability: Malbec’s malleability makes it able to thrive in a variety of environments and to be a true transmitter of terroir. It is the perfect grape to reflect the vast contrasts of Argentina’s terroir, from the coppery North to the icy Patagonia. With producers in Argentina paying increasing attention to understanding the differences between smaller plots’ specificities and letting the terroir’s personality and unicity shine through, Malbec wines from Argentina are becoming more and more diverse.

A is for Approachable: Malbec from Argentina is a highly reliable choice across all levels, making Malbec approachable to any consumer, regardless of their knowledge or budget. Argentina’s exceptional terroir and climate has allowed Malbec to reach new heights, which, combined with the expertise of skilled producers and winemakers, means it is not difficult to find a well-crafted Malbec at a reasonable price, with terrific options starting as low as $15.

L is for Latitude: Malbec is produced in all of Argentina’s main wine regions – North, Cuyo, Patagonia and Atlantic Coast – stretching from 22º to 45º S in latitude. From the high-altitudes of Cafayate in the north, to the dessert of Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes, and the cool-climate of Patagonia, Malbec is grown in vastly contrasting terroirs, producing a huge diversity of expressions.

B is for Balance: New trends in making Malbec in Argentina today involve less use of new oak and American oak barrels, to let the true identity of the grape and terroir come through. Winemakers are also playing around with bigger oak barrels, to reduce the amount of wine that comes in contact with oak, as well as other types of vessels, including jars, small containers and eggs. The idea is to always strike a precious balance between complexity and expression of the fruit and the terroir.

E is for Emblematic: The most emblematic Argentinean wines are made from Malbec and today, Malbec is known throughout the world as the signature of Argentina’s wine industry. While Malbec was not born in there, Argentina is where it found its best environment and reached its true potential. If it weren’t for Argentina’s producers, people may still not know Malbec as a grape today. Representing 35% of Argentina’s total production and 51% of Argentina’s wine exports to the U.S, Malbec is Argentina’s ultimate icon.

C mixes Classic and Cutting-Edge: Malbec has become a classic, equally appreciated by those who try it for the first time than by those who drink it regularly. Yet, Argentina’s wine producers are also breaking new ground to continually improve Argentina’s wine offering, by combining classic grape varieties like Malbec with cutting-edge technology and modern techniques. The new waves of Malbec wines, with their increasing diversity and precision, are a testament to Argentina’s constant strive for excellence and innovation.

To celebrate Malbec World Day, Wines of Argentina will hold a series of events in April in the USA:

  • For members of the trade and press: a series of wine dinners in Dallas, TX (April 16), New York, NY (April 17), and Chicago, IL (April 18).
  • For sommeliers: a wine dinner hosted by Evan Goldstein in San Francisco (April 30).
  • For students: a series of WSET master classes hosted in partnership with the Napa Valley Wine Academy in Napa Valley, CA (April 23), Denver, CO (April 25), and Tampa, FL (April 27).

If you are interested in learning more or attending, please reach out to the press contact listed below.

About Wines of Argentina

In 1993, the Argentine Winemaking Association created the antecedent to today’s organization: “Argentine Top Wines,” an association formed by little more than a dozen exporting wineries producing wines that were prestigious at home and were starting to earn some recognition abroad. Nowadays, Wines of Argentina counts 200 member wineries across the country, is present in 50 countries and more than 72 cities across the world through different actions. For more information about Argentina and its wines, please visit: http://www.winesofargentina.org/ Follow us Twitter, Facebook & INSTRAGRAM

About Malbec World Day

Malbec World Day is a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina, which seeks to strengthen the global position of Argentine Malbec and celebrate the success of Argentina’s wine industry. Since its first edition, on April 17, 2011, this worldwide homage has been possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Argentine Wine Corporation, being within the Plan Estratégico Vitivinícola Argentina 2020.

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