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Aveine, the First Smart Wine Aerator, Available Soon on Indiegogo


Paris, March 7, 2018 – French startup Aveine, winner of the CES 2018 Innovation award, announces the launch date of its crowdfunding campaign. The world’s first smart wine aerator will be available for pre-sale on March 28, 2018 on Indiegogo at the special price of $99 (80€) for the first backers.

Enjoying wine at its best… 

To develop its full range of aromas and character, different wines needs to be put into contact with air for different amounts of time. But often, for lack of time or knowledge, we omit this step and fail to appreciate a wine with all the subtleties it can offer. That is why Aveine was created: to enable everyone to enjoy wine at its best. 

Aerating wine has never been easier 

The Aveine Smart Wine aerator is a new kind of aerator, smart because it is able to give the ideal aeration time to any wine, and fast because it aerates the wine instantly as you pour. This enables everyone, experts as well as novices, to experience ideal tasting conditions without waiting

Connected to its data-rich app, Aveine aerates any wine perfectly in just three steps: place the aerator on the bottle, scan the label of the bottle, and serve. 

The app communicates with, and calibrates the aerator instantly once the bottle label is scanned. The patented air chamber adapts the oxygenation of the wine by injecting the right amount of air into the wine. 

It is also possible to customize the aeration time according to your preferences, and to each glass, since the wine is aerated as you pour. 

Crowdfunding to finance the production 

After a year and a half of development in collaboration with Sommelier, Julien Dussert, 6 prototypes and many awards later, Aveine will launch its crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of its first batch of aerators. 

With a financing goal of $30,000, the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator will be available for pre-order beginning March 28, 2018 on Indiegogo. First backers can pre-order from $99 (80€) after which the public sale price will be $200 (165€). 

About Aveine 

Aveine was born July 2016 in Paris, out of an encounter between three entrepreneurs and the symbiosis between French wine heritage and new technologies. Today, Aveine is a team of twelve people, developing connected objects that will enable everyone to experience the new French “art de vivre”.  

Visit our indiegogo page 

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