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Dialing in Precision Gas Management with JUCLAS’ New MASTERMIND® REMOVE PLUS System


JUCLAS is proud to announce the release of their new gas management system, MASTERMIND® REMOVE PLUS, which allows the winemaker to remove dissolved oxygen from wine – as well as the addition or removal of dissolved CO2 – without having to sparge. This fully automatic, membrane-based process is done in a closed system so no outside oxidation or loss of aromatics occurs.

The MASTERMIND® REMOVE PLUS system was designed to take real-time, in-line readings of the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in the wine. The operator programs a desired output gas level, to which the machine will adjust the internal parameters automatically using special gas exchange membranes to realize the preprogramed gas levels.

“It makes a huge difference when it comes to the aromatics of the wine. With sparging, a large portion of the favorable aromatics in the wine can get blown off with the oxygen, while in our system, it is done without nitrogen contact so the aromatics stay where you want them, in the wine,” says Logan Fleming, the Technical Sales Manager.

A second possible use for the MASTERMIND® REMOVE PLUS system is to pinpoint the sweet spot of your carbon dioxide concentration.

“By being able to dial in the sweet spot of the CO2 levels, you not only get a completely accurate reading in the wine, but also the perfect lift to the aromatic levels you desire in your wine.”

The MASTERMIND® REMOVE PLUS system also has the ability to gently reduce the alcohol concentration of a wine. This versatile system, capable of fine tuning multiple aspects of a wine, will grant much more control over the aromatic and flavor profile of your wines.

JUCLAS, the US equipment arm of VASONGroup, is successfully delivering innovation and outstanding customer service from their offices based in Napa, Ca.

JUCLAS offers a wide variety of equipment and services including the clarification of must, wine and lees, by means of both floatation and crossflow technology, as well as equipment for micro oxygenation, pH adjustment, reverse osmosis, yeast rehydration, lees filtration, gas management, and small lab equipment for testing both filterability and tartrate stability.

Their technical office in Napa pairs a strong R&D/manufacturing department with a sales and mobile filtration division to guarantee all client needs are met with superior customer service.

For more information, please contact JUCLAS USA at [email protected]


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