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Carpenè Malvolti: The Celebrations of the First 150 Years Since the Foundation of the Business Have Started


The President Etile Carpenè, together with the entire Carpenè Family, express their gratitude to the previous Generations that have determined the entrepreneurial genesis

Today in the newly renovated and refurbished Carpenè Malvolti Winery, the Family announced a calendar of celebratory events that will take place throughout all of 2018. The historic Cellar is preparing to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the entrepreneurial activity, created by Antonio Carpenè, the Founder of a Family that has maintained its direct control since 1868.

Carpenè Malvolti will celebrate this significant stage under the leadership of Etile Carpenè – IV generation of the longest-running Family of Italian Sparkling Wine Producer and current President of the Company – who feels, today more than ever, all the historical responsibility of his Company that is constantly engaged in creating value for the Territory of origin and for the entrepreneurial heritage of Italy.

“I feel so much the burden as well as the honor of being a witness of the historical and founding values inherited from my Family – says Etile Carpenè, President of Carpenè Malvolti – It is a privilege to lead the Company to this stage, having always placed in the center of our mission the ethical commitment to “share history to determine its future”, both with the closest Collaborators and Customers, and with the whole Country.”

 A goal achieved thanks to the foresight that has characterized for five generations the Carpenè Family, the leading exponent of a historical respect always projected towards the future, conquered through a strong entrepreneurial identity – based on scientific culture, research and innovation – and a careful interpretation of social and economic changes to anticipate its dynamics.

“The celebrations scheduled for our 150 year anniversary,” the President states, “will not be a self-celebration but a way to give credit and gratitude to my great-grandfather Antonio Carpenè, who had the idea of founding the Company, increasing the value of a Territory and its fruits as well as allowing the following Generations to hand it down and take part in the entrepreneurial history of our Country “.

What made Carpenè Malvolti an “iconic brand” in the world is the constant scientific and innovative energy, of which it has always been a pioneer since the intuition of Antonio Carpenè who first wanted to produce a Sparkling Wine with the same characteristics of French Champagne but with an autochthonous vine from the Territory of the Marca Trevigiana.

Another milestone for Italian Oenology was the development of the method of Sparkling Wine to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of Prosecco, as well as the revolutionary decision to put the name of the vine on the label as early as 1924. Let’s not forget to mention the internationalization process, which continues today with important investments both in the consolidation of current Markets, in which the brand has already been present for several decades, and with the development in emerging Countries, in particular the Asian ones, up to the restoration of the historic site that will open to the town of Conegliano next May.

“It was an important economic commitment, moreover finalized in a rather unfavorable economic phase – President Etile Carpenè says – but we thought it useful to invest in the historical site and its image, with the pride of celebrating the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the business activity, which for All of Us constitutes a stage of historical significance. It is a dream that I have had in my head for a long time – Etile Carpenè confides  – and that today, thanks to the contribution of all my Family, we have been able to realize at the same time of our entrepreneurial anniversary.”

President Etile Carpenè then emphasized the Family’s commitment to the activity has always been a cornerstone, combined with the relationships with the cycle of collaborators over time, and how the investments in innovation and research, rather than in the productive structure, are key elements in the activity of the Company, and how to be able to count on Human Resources is of fundamental importance.

And the Carpenè Family is already planning for future challenges.


A mission pursued for 150 years; so many years have passed since Antonio Carpenè gave birth to what would become one of the most esteemed Italian Wineries, Carpenè Malvolti. A milestone in line with the innate vision of the Carpenè Family, who has decisively helped to develop and assert the national wine production worldwide.

Am historic respect always projected to the future, conquered through a strong entrepreneurial identity – based on scientific culture, research and innovation – and an always careful interpretation of social and economic changes to anticipate its dynamics.

Today it is Etile Carpenè, IV Generation, who is the “Witness” of this fascinating story lived day after day, generation after generation. At the turn of two millennia and of three centuries, with over 54,750 days and 1,314,000 hours spent in dreams, research, innovation and intense work to produce Sparkling Wines and Distillates, respecting their roots and always animated by that inherent passion of being Carpenè, which from the beginning led Antonio to increase the value of the grapes grown in the Territory of the Marca Trevigiana.

An anniversary, then, that tells how the Carpenè dynasty, represented by the current President Etile Carpenè, – inseparably bound to its origins and its territory and always in the hands of the same Family – feels all the historical responsibility of being part of the national “entrepreneurial heritage” and also to constantly contribute to the history of our country.

Standing as a “flag” of the United Italy; Carpenè Malvolti is actually one of the Italian Historical Companies which represent the productive excellence of our country. To Etile, the President, this is both the honour and the burden of inherited historical and founding values, and the privilege of leading the company to this goal as well as the commitment to “share history to determine the future”, not only with the closest Collaborators and Customers, but with the whole Country.

From Antonio to Etile, and again from Antonio to the current Etile, step by step, a constant reconstruction one after the other, soon after the first and second national war calamities as well as after the flood of 1966. In Conegliano, at number 1 Antonio Carpenè Street, we greet every day with passion and determination, competence and vision.  We work incessantly, investing on the future of the entrepreneurial reality and on the cultural development of the territory. As we did from the beginning, when Antonio Carpenè founded in 1876 the Oenological School of Conegliano, the first in a recently united Italy.

Likewise, since the start of the business activity, we thought of internationalization, starting to export Italian Sparkling Wines and Distillates to the world. And today, Carpenè Malvolti is present in over 60 countries of the five continents. Spreading the knowledge of Italian wine, and in particular of Prosecco, has always been a commitment pursued through the flourishing communication phase of the late nineteenth century and through one of the very first advertising campaigns on television in the Sixties.

The Carpenè Family were pioneers on several fronts, most importantly on the oenological one, always trying to produce a high quality Sparkling Wine, developing research through interlocutions and studies with the most eminent nineteenth-century Scientists, with the aim of setting up the best foam formation method for the prince of the territory, that is Prosecco, today called Glera. The Carpenè family also contributed to the identification of the best method for the cultivation of grapes as well as to the realization of machines and tools to improve every working phase. The result can be read in the numerous prizes received from the first World Exposition in 1873 in Vienna up to the many medals won in the most recent times. The Carpenè Family also enhanced Carpenè Malvolti brand and the identity of that precious wine, putting the name of the Prosecco grape on the label as early as 1924, and paid attention to the dressing of the bottles at the beginning of the last century through the characterization of grappa with a glass shape representative of the Venetian tradition.

150 years after that intuition, the year 2018 – the same in which the Territory of the Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene is a candidate to become UNESCO heritage – will be celebrated with a highly evocative calendar of events to honour both Carpenè Malvolti and the vine-growing and wine-producing history of the whole Territory.

Carpenè Malvolti will be present at Vinitaly – the historical wine trade fair – taking the opportunity to celebrate the historical goal and to toast all the official events with the bottle dedicated to the 150th Anniversary. The intense programme will be crowned by the presentation of the research work on Brandy by the Students of the Oenological School and the I.T.S. Foundation of Conegliano.

Conegliano – European Wine City 2016, where the history of Prosecco has its roots – will be the epicenter of some of the most significant events such as the opening of Carpenè Cellar to the Town, the Vine-Growers’ dinner and the Oenological School – determining Institution in the development of the Territory – through the realization of events dedicated to the students of yesterday and of today of the schools of Conegliano and Brugnera.

This dynamic, innovative context, attentive to cultural stimuli, includes other numerous initiatives dedicated to different themes in order to share with everyone the pride of having contributed to the development of the Territory and to thank all the “People” who have helped to hand down such a story.

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