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Vivelys Introduces New Boisé® Inspiration Staves at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium


Exclusively Distributed in the U.S. by G3 Enterprises

MODESTO, Calif. (January 24, 2018) – This month’s Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento will be the site for the much-anticipated U.S. introduction of Vivelys’ new Boisé® Inspiration line of 100% French oak staves. Symposium attendees can learn more about the Boisé Inspiration staves by visiting either the Vivelys booth #414 or G3 Enterprises booth #404 at the Symposium. G3 Enterprises is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Boisé Inspiration staves.

Vivelys is known for precision oenology due to their expertise on the interaction between wood and wine. The new Inspiration stave product line includes two distinct profiles: vanilla and smoke/toasted. Reflecting today’s growing demand for oak, the Inspiration staves help winemakers to achieve profiles ranging from maturity and roundness to fruit and balance on the palate, without excessive dryness.

Just like Boisé oak chips, the Inspiration staves are made from 100% new French oak. Boisé relies on the latest production technology when manufacturing the staves, including analytical sorting of raw material, precise heat processing and oak-wine interaction experience. All of this is backed by its own field support to ensure consistent performance, precision oak profiles and desired results on targeted wine profiles.

“We are very excited to be expanding our partnership with Vivelys. They are recognized throughout the wine industry for their technical expertise in the interactions between oak and wine. We are confident Boisé Inspiration staves will be in high demand,” said Mihailo Panovich, Vice President of Sales for G3 Enterprises. He added, “We look forward to leveraging G3’s strong sales and distribution team to meet the needs of winemakers throughout the country. We are confident they will want to trial these innovative new staves.”

The introduction of Boisé Inspiration staves marks the latest offering from a successful partnership between Vivelys and G3 Enterprises, which also distributes Vivelys’ Boisé oak chips.

“Demand for such technical and consistent products is strong in the U.S. market,” said Francois Margot, Vivelys’ U.S. Manager. He added, “Our customers want to better control the consistency of their brands, and the strong technical support provided by the U.S. Vivelys consultancy team is of huge value to them.”

The Boisé Inspiration staves are manufactured in Aire sur Adour, France, like all the Boisé products. The production site is certified PEFC and ISO22000. The staves are the latest product resulting from Boisé’s relentless focus on research, innovation and product development.

To learn more, go online to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF5m6d3-rAA or visit www.boisefrance.com/us/.

About G3 Enterprises:

G3 Enterprises is an industry-leading packaging manufacturer and logistics provider. G3 Enterprises leverages its wide breadth of expertise to help wineries by focusing on innovation, quality, and technical services for all of its clients. The company offers exclusive products and services in the following areas: custom and stock closures with a wide range of options; custom label printing; warehousing and third-party logistics services; transportation; full-service bottling (on-site and mobile capabilities); winery services; glass distribution; bottle etching and decorating; and comprehensive technical and lab services. G3’s unique competitive edge goes beyond its wide range of products and services offerings, and focuses on its experienced employees, who have accumulated knowledge across diverse businesses. The company has provided manufacturing value-added services such as pre-bottling line check-ups and set-ups. G3’s team specializes in oxygen management control in packaging components, including cork, cap, glass, box, single-serve, and PET keg, process modeling and optimization using advanced analytics, and provides consultation and testing for all of its packaging. For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit: www.G3enterprises.com or call 1-800-321-8747.

About Vivelys:

The Vivelys group accompanies wine-makers in production and proposes innovative solutions for wine technology, consultancy, and wood. Vivelys makes 70% of its turnover on the export market, and invests 10% in research and development. The company is situated near Montpellier, and is present directly or via a network of partners in more than 20 countries. Vivelys’ has recently received 2 innovation awards: the Prix de l’Innovation (enology category) at ViTeff-France 2017 and the 2017 WINnovation Awards from Business Journal USA – for the technical solution Cilyo® (a tool for controlling oxygen management). For more information, visit: www.boisefrance.com/us/, email usa@vivelys.com or call 1-707-546-2213.



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