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Ca’ Momi Winery Appoints Midori Bray Aispuro CEO


Napa, Calif., January 18, 2018 – Napa Valley wine, spirits, food and lifestyle company Ca’ Momi has appointed Midori Bray Aispuro as chief executive officer.

“After several years, we’ve seen Midori apply powerful business acumen and consistently appropriate foresight into the controlled growth of our business,” said Ca’ Momi Partner and Chief Financial Officer Dario De Conti. “Her keen understanding and desire to convey our company culture and carry our collective vision for Ca’ Momi’s future forward in a sustainable and controlled manner made this an easy decision for us. We are excited for the future of Ca’ Momi with Midori’s creativity, rationality and energy pushing us forward.”

Aispuro has broad experience in many valuable areas including law, wine, spirits, manufacturing, hospitality and consumer goods, with career history at companies including Hualalai Resort, Dell and Four Seasons, as well as local law firm Coombs & Dunlap. Her work servicing luxury brands and winery clientele eventually led her to the role of executive assistant to the chief operations officer and general counsel for Ca’ Momi in 2013. In 2015, Aispuro assumed COO responsibilities and continued to serve as in-house legal liaison to Ca’ Momi’s owners.

“I am proud to continue to serve the employees and founders of our Ca’ Momi family,” Aispuro said. “As a company and culture currently experiencing a critical phase in our growth and capabilities, it is an exciting time to take on a role that allows us to achieve a measured growth that responsibly supports the interests and livelihood of our valued family.”

Aispuro holds a bachelor’s degree in social science from Sacramento State University, and an associate degree as a paralegal from the University of California, Davis.

About Ca’ Momi

Ca’ Momi is an Italian lifestyle company rooted in soulful tradition and Napa Valley spirit. Obsessively authentic and passionate about sustaining and sharing Italian heritage and culture, Ca’ Momi’s founders developed a heartcrafted line of Napa Valley wines and a popular restaurant in downtown Napa. Ca’ Momi wines and spirits are full-bodied and big-hearted, representing the winemaking prowess of the Italian-born winemaking and distilling team of Dario De Conti and Stefano Migotto. Ca’ Momi Osteria features obsessively authentic Italian dishes made with organic & local ingredients, served at the direction of Italian-born Chef Valentina Guolo-Migotto and Master Pizzaiolo Dario De Conti. Ca’ Momi Osteria carries certifications for authenticity including Ospitalità Italiana & Accademia della Cucina Italiana for maintaining hospitality and heritage standards, and Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) Association of Italy and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN) in the U.S. for adherence to strict cultural standards for pizza making. The founders of Ca’ Momi are dedicated to living their lives with intention, soul and passion. All Ca’ Momi products are mindfully crafted to bring joy to everyday life. www.camomi.com



  1. Congratulations on an excellent choice. We have known Midori well and have witnessed her unusually good common sense and warmth. Good job Midori (and Gabe) and Congratulations to Ca’ Momi.


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