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Wine Grenade Dashboard Puts Live Data into Hands of Winemakers


Auckland, NZ – 16th January 2018 – Wine technology company The Wine Grenade has released web-based dashboards which give winemakers instant access to the data recorded by their micro-oxygenation devices during wine maturation.

The real time data shows the oxygen release rate, tank and cellar temperature and tank headspace pressure as well as the status of battery, wifi connection and oxygen canister levels.  

The dashboards are launched as The Wine Grenade expands its presence into eight countries in North and South America, Europe and Australasia, with devices most recently adopted by winemakers in France, Spain, Belgium, Canada and Mexico. The company continues adding to its distributor network, appointing its first resellers in Chile and Argentina.

The ‘Wine Grenade’ device allows winemakers to recreate the traditional oak barrel ageing process by delivering precise amounts of oxygen through a permeable membrane – a process known as micro-oxygenation. To date customers around the world have matured more than 100,000 cases of wine using Wine Grenade’s micro-oxygenation devices.

“The dashboard puts the Wine Grenade’s live data into the hands of winemakers on a laptop, mobile device or tablet so they can easily check the status of a device.  The dashboards will evolve as more wineries adopt micro-oxygenation and our devices become integral to their winemaking,” says Hamish Elmslie, Wine Grenade CEO and co-founder.

The Wine Grenade is an Internet of Things (IoT) device which gathers data that winemakers use to make decisions. The company was a recent participant in the Vodafone Xone, a six-month long accelerator for data and IoT start-ups.

To learn more, go to winegrenade.com

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