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SGP Packaging and Verallia U.S.A. are one in the same.


Verallia is a global glass packaging company focused on innovative and creative glass solutions for the food and beverage industry. For over 300 years, Verallia has made customized, high-quality glass solutions to meet consumers’ needs while being environmentally friendly in the process. SGP Packaging is the U.S. division of the company, changing their brand to now be Verallia U.S.A.

SGP packaging has always been part of the Verallia family, so customers can expect the same high quality, customized glass solutions that SGP provided. In addition, Verallia U.S.A. will be growing the Verallia brand stateside to include new options for glass bottles and jars available from throughout the globe.

Verallia U.S.A. solidified the announcement at this year’s North Coast WIN Expo, produced by Wine Industry Network.

At WIN Expo, they showcased their newest selection of glass as well as announcing that Verallia U.S.A. will continue to offer the same great products, services, and global headquarters that they provided as SGP Packaging.

Verallia’s numbers speak for themselves. In 2016, they sold 16 billion glass bottles and jars while having manufacturing operations in 13 countries achieving net sales of $2.7 billion. With sales locations in 46 countries and 13 product development centers, it is hard to find a region in the Verallia network that doesn’t have local customer relations.

When attracting new customers and showing loyalty to the existing customers of SGP, JR marketing manager May Ngo said, “Verallia U.S.A. will continue to offer customers quality products and services as well as provide global outreach, a large range of products domestically and internationally, and headquarters in multiple countries that create a network that will help provide customers with customizable, eco-friendly, and high-quality glass solutions.”

For information go to us.verallia.com.




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