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Biome Makers Wins the WINnovation Award as the Best Innovative Company in the Wine Business


The company based in San Francisco (CA) has received the award from the Wine Industry Network for WineSeq®, its DNA ultra-sequencing tool that improves precision enology

Biome Makers is pleased to announce that it has been awarded by the Wine Industry Network (WIN) with the award that recognizes the most innovative industry suppliers and service professionals, with the goal of celebrating the spirit of creativity and leadership. The company has revolutionized the wine industry with WineSeq®, able to identify the complete vineyard microbiome as well as the fermentative species, in order to develop precision enology.

Biome Makers founders Alberto Acedo and Adrián Ferrero

Biome Makers founders Alberto Acedo and Adrián Ferrero

Biome Makers has applied with WineSeq®, a tool that identifies the microbiome fingerprint of the vineyard soil and helps predict the effects that microorganisms have on the fermentative processes and on the sensory profile of wine. It further allows for providing an early diagnosis of disease before any symptoms are showing. WineSeq® also enables enologists to monitor the sustainability of crops and create more genuine wines based on a better understanding of their terroir.

“When we approached the development of WineSeq®, we realized that there was no reference of the communities of microorganisms living in the vineyards,” Alberto Acedo, Biome Makers CSO and co-founder, said. “Currently we have processed more than 3,000 samples coming from 18 different countries and we have a great representation of the microbial fingerprint of prestigious vinegrowing areas as Napa or Sonoma in California, and Ribera del Duero, Rioja or Canary Islands in Spain”, Adrián Ferrero, Biome Makers CEO and co-founder, added.

WINnovation Awards honor companies that have developed ground-breaking products or practices and have made positive contributions toward the advancement of the North American wine industry. Among all the applications received in the fifth edition of these awards, Wine Industry Network has selected five companies that represent the vanguard of product and service innovation, essential for the advancement and prosperity of the wine industry.

“At WIN, we have the privilege of seeing the newest products and services on a regular basis, and I’m continually impressed by the level of innovation,” said George Christie, Wine Industry Network President. “In many cases, industry suppliers are the change agents that help winery and vineyard operations impact quality or improve efficiencies. The WINnovation Awards are a way for us to acknowledge the efforts of these suppliers and their contribution to the wine industry.” 

About Biome Makers

Biome Makers is an AgTech bioinformatics startup specialized in identifying and understanding the microbiome, providing comprehensive analysis of agricultural and industrial processes. Biome Makers use the power of DNA sequencing to provide detailed insights and recommendations that allow their clients to improve the output of their fields and the quality of their products.

 Currently, Biome Makers is a strong company that develops solutions for the wine industry with WineSeq. WineSeq® is a digital platform based on the patented technology of Biome Makers that provides a comprehensive soil, vines and fermentative analysis service. The company has headquarters and laboratory facilities in San Francisco, CA.


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