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Emmeti USA: More than Just a Palletizer and Depalletizer Company


Since its inception in 1982, the Emmeti company has had the collective mindset that customer demand is paramount, and rapid, efficient response is the organization’s motto to be taken very, very seriously.

What began as a design and manufacturing business serving the glass container industry in Parma, Italy, has evolved into a full service automation equipment OEM. Emmeti matured into a world-wide premier supplier of reliable, technologically advanced superior quality container and packaging systems for glass, plastic and metal containers, as well as cartons, cases, trays, and other packages.  Its systems have a proven accelerated ROI, and customers work directly with employees of the company.

Emmeti is a multi-national organization with more than 250 employees worldwide. Emmeti operates as the headquarters for three additional separately held, but closely related, businesses: SIPAC, which specializes in innovative conveyor and accumulation solutions for the glass, beverage, food, household and chemical industries; MECTRA, like Emmeti, manufactures palletizing and depalletizing technologies, but for the consumption goods industry, particularly cans; and LOGIK, creates case packers, partition inserters and carton erectors. Whether you are building a new plant or retrofitting an existing facility, all four companies collectively produce cutting-edge solutions for the bottling and packaging markets.

Emmeti’s organization is a world market leader for engineering and design operations in the palletization and depalletization field, particularly reversed tapered, geometrically challenged bottles with an unsurpassed record of technology, customer service, and overall automation efficiency on the line.

“We’ve carried the mentality that every customer’s request is urgent, from the glass bottle industry, into beverage manufacturing sector,” confirms Beth Zarnick-Duffy, Emmeti USA’s Sales Manger. “We never say, ‘here’s your cookie from the cutter.’ We listen to our customers needs on the line to help them differentiate themselves from the competition and increase their bottom line. We engineer, design and manufacture for them with ROI and overall efficiency in mind.”

To that end, Zarnick-Duffy points out that Emmeti has designed a specialized system for champagne bottles to be positioned on their sides to accommodate triage and rotated to accommodate riddling. As well as a system to automatically dip bottles into wax for a high end finished look.

She emphasizes that Emmeti offers more than palletizers and depalletizers; it provides all bottling line equipment, except for the processing machines and can create compatible software to control all equipment on the entire line.

“There are no proprietary parts on our machines, so customers can purchase spare parts from local suppliers,” Zarnick-Duffy explains. “We can mate our equipment to machines provided by other suppliers, with an exchange of signals, as well as writing the software to operate the whole line.  Plus we offer 365/24/7 service and support.”

Zarnick-Duffy also notes that Emmeti has recently patented 3-D identification software, so that when a customer needs to order a part, they are able to populate the machine drawing on their computer, click on the general area of the problem and a 3-D image displaying the part’s name and number pops up for easy identification and reorder.

It is this type of innovation and attention to detail that earned Emmeti the “Supplier of the Year” award from Trinchero Family Estates/Sutter Home Winery in 2015.

“We’ve always focused on the idea that we’re going to out-support and out-service our competition,” Zarnick-Duffy declares. “When you call EMMETI and you need something, it’s a fire. It has to be dealt with immediately. That’s what we do.”

For more information and orders, go to: emmetiusa.com.




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