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Vinfolio Releases Most Coveted Burgundy Collection on the Market


SAN FRANCISCO, California – November 14, 2017 – Today Vinfolio released ‘The Quintessential Burgundy Collection,’ presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the very best of Burgundy and beyond. This outstanding collection, which Vinfolio acquired from a passionate and dedicated collector, numbers over 6,000 bottles and represents some of the region’s most highly coveted growers, vineyards, and vintages, including DRC, Anne Gros, Rousseau, Ponsot, Coche-Dury, Clos de Tart, Fourrier, Leflaive, Mugnier, Ponsot, Raveneau, and Vogüé. The collection is the result of a decades-long commitment to carefully sourcing the very finest wines of Burgundy and beyond, with the intention not of reselling for profit but of “invest[ing] in future pleasure.” Now that the collector has accumulated more wine than he can enjoy in his lifetime, he has opted to sell a significant portion of his holdings. Vinfolio will be offering out his collection over a period of four days, beginning November 14, 2017.

This painstakingly curated collection began in the late 1990s when the collector was introduced to properly aged Burgundy for the first time. Once he realized that patience was the necessary ingredient to enhance enjoyment of these wines, he fell in love with the region and devoted himself to an in-depth study of Burgundy’s great producers, terroirs, and vintages. After countless hours spent poring over books and tasting wines, his education has proved to be wildly successful, as he has managed to amass one of the most impressive collections ever released for public sale.

Particularly notable in this collection are the great Burgundian vintages of 1999, 2002, and especially 2005. This selection also comprises many excellent wines from outside of Burgundy, particularly from the Rhône, Germany, Alsace, and Provence. All of these bottles have been selected for top provenance and stored under exacting standards at commercial storage facilities including Vinfolio. Any lover of Burgundy wines will find a myriad of treasures among this collection, crafted by a fellow enthusiast as a true labor of love.

Vinfolio will be releasing this stunning collection in phases over the next four days, from Tuesday, November 14th through Friday, November 17th. Vinfolio is also offering one-cent ground shipping on all orders greater than $150. Visit https://vinfolio.com/ to learn more.

Located in downtown San Francisco with a storage facility in Napa, Vinfolio transforms how the fine wine community buys, sells, manages, and enjoys wine with the world’s best cellar management technology and direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform. Combined, these systems empower the fine wine enthusiast to acquire highly collectible wine directly from producers, purchase and sell wine from Vinfolio’s collector marketplace, stay on top of every bottle in their cellar, and engage with other fine wine collectors, industry influencers, and winemakers, all in one seamless experience.

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