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D.O.P. Cariñena Announces the First-Ever Global Garnacha Summit


Save the Date: April 24, 2018 at CIA Copia in Napa, CA

NEW YORK, NY (November 13, 2017) — On April 24, 2018, D.O.P. Cariñena – the birthplace of Garnacha and home to the most old vine plantings of its kind in Spain – will host the Global Garnacha Summit at The CIA at Copia in Napa, CA. Moderated by Bob Bath, Master Sommelier and professor of Wine and Beverage Studies at The CIA at Copia, this event is the first to gather Garnacha/Grenache winemakers and advocates from all over the world, including key growing regions in Spain, France and California. The summit promises to be the largest global knowledge exchange focused exclusively on this storied and increasingly popular variety, with topics ranging from production to promotion of Garnacha/Grenache wines.

Attendees of the 2018 Global Garnacha Summit will be provided with insights into the roots of Garnacha, including a full day of seminars, tasting and networking along the following themes:

  • A Global Grape: viticultural history of the Garnacha/Grenache variety
  • Old Vines + Modern Wines: how Garnacha/Grenache evolves with age
  • The World Meets Cariñena: a discussion about the Cariñena region in Aragón, birthplace of Garnacha
  • A walk-around tasting of food and wine pairings from California, France and Spain

Additional information about the 2018 Global Garnacha Summit will be released in the coming months. If you would like to receive more information, please sign up here.


Founded in 1932, D.O.P. Cariñena is the second-oldest wine region in Spain, and in 2011, it was elevated to Protegida (DOP) status. Recognized as the birthplace of Garnacha, one of the world’s classic varieties, D.O.P Cariñena was named a Region to Watch in early 2017. Located in the heart of the country’s northeast region of Aragón, Cariñena’s history of winemaking dates back to the Romans. Flanked by the Pyrenees and France to the north and Catalunya to the east, the region has always flown under-the-radar. One great grape variety – Garnacha – is changing all of that, and for a very good reason: there is more old vine Garnacha planted in Cariñena than in any other region of Spain. A new generation of winemakers is transforming this natural resource into wines of outstanding character and concentration. Planted at high altitude, the vineyards of Cariñena descend into windswept plains that benefit from a range of extreme day-to-night temperature differences, providing the ideal conditions for rich, expressive wines crafted from layers of rock, mineral and earth. Learn more: www.wineregiontowatch.com