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Saxco International, LLC Assists Castle Brands in Creating Rich and Distinctive Packages for Its New Jefferson’s Grand Selection Very Old Kentucky Bourbons Finished in French Wine Casks


Castle Brands, of New York, NY, is introducing its new premium small batch Jefferson’s Grand Selections very old Kentucky Bourbons finished in French oak wine casks in two expressions—Jefferson’s Grand Selection Pinchon Baron and Jefferson’s Grand Selection Chateau Suduiraut to American whiskey drinkers.

To assist with the all-important packaging aspect of the introduction of the new premium spirits, they engaged the services and global resources of Saxco International, LLC, of Horsham, PA, world-wide packaging specialists for the wine, spirits, beer and food industries. “Our responsibility was to help create an innovative overall package with a custom bottle that portrayed rich character and distinctive beauty with engaging eye appeal and bold shelf prominence,” says Beth-Anne Kline, regional sales manager for Saxco International.

The Saxco International packaging design team worked closely with the brand manager and Connecticut based graphics designer for the project in order to achieve the desired look and feel which was commensurate with the spirits top shelf quality, delicious taste and smooth finish. “And we did it on time and within the budget parameters established by Castle Brands,” Kline notes.

To move the project forward, Saxco sourced and supplied a cosmetic quality private mold 750ml flint bottle from a reliable supplier in Mexico from its vast global resource network. The bottle was molded in the shape of a flask with a short neck, rounded shoulders and a thick bottom. The graphics design called for a label that required a combination of silk screening and a pressure sensitive application. That work was completed by another quality and time tested Saxco supply source in Pennsylvania. The bottle was finished with an attractive mahogany colored wood top cork assembly over-fitted with a tamper evident stripe and seal.

According to Angela Bosco, brand manager for the Castle Brands Jefferson Grand Selection Kentucky Bourbons, “Both expressions were inspired by Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. He was the first ambassador to France and while there fell in love with the wines of Bordeaux. Two of his favorites were Chateau Suduiraut and Chateau Pichon Baron.”

After hand selecting a limited number of wine barrels from both wines and refilling them with Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon and extra aging them in a proprietary “hot box” environment, Castle Brands created one-of-a-kind bourbons that combine robust flavors of the wines, the wood notes of both American and French oak and the grain of premium bourbon in a delicious, complex and balanced final product.

Both very old Kentucky bourbons are 90 proof and 45-percent alcohol by volume and are being targeted to male and female American whiskey drinkers ages 34-years and above throughout the United States. Both 750ml Jefferson Grand Selection bourbons are priced at $149.99 (U.S. Dollars). For additional information, contact Castle Brands at 646-356-0200 or visit them on the web at www.jeffersonsbourbon.com.

About Saxco International, LLC

Saxco International, LLC, “Your clear choice for premium packaging solutions,” has more than 30 years of industry experience, providing a broad range of packaging products and services to the liquor, wine, beer and food industries. The company’s products and services include expert consultation from design to development, as well as customized services for packing. Saxco is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with offices and warehouses in Louisville, Kentucky, Concord and Napa, California, Portland, Oregon, Tampa, Florida, Toronto, Ontario, Cincinnati, Ohio, Mountainside, New Jersey, Statesville, North Carolina, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Denver, Colorado and Qingdao, China. For additional information call 215-443-8100, fax 215-443-8370 or on the web at www.saxco.com.

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