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PurovinoUS Announces Smoke-Taint Treatment


In response to the tragic events experienced in Napa and Sonoma Counties, PurovinoUS Inc.  has successfully developed a smoke-taint application that removes the effects of ash and smoke on the outside of the grape and in the underlying juice beneath the skin.

Using their patented natural treatment and scientific knowledge, Purovino scientists have run laboratory tests of the Purovino patented technique to find concentrations and application times of ozone to successfully remove smoke taint and eradicate the volatile phenols responsible for smoke taint    Field tests on over 150 tons of cab grapes has overwhelmingly shown that the perceived taste and feel of smoke taint is removed in as little as 4 hours vs. control samples

In the time remaining this harvest season winemakers should consider this low cost option as a way of preserving their product and not letting the terrible natural events of the past two weeks. For more information or to get references please contact Sam Silvestro at 519-400-8263 or Joe Hajost at 510-364-1662.

Final note. It is with great respect and honor that we acknowledge the tremendous work of the 1st responders, PG&E, and the industry associations for their cooperation, and support in working with the good people that make the region strong and resolute in the face of adversity.



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