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Mendocino County Redwood Complex Fire Impacts on Vineyards


Northern California is experiencing unprecedented massive wildfires, and the Redwood Complex Fire has devastated areas of Mendocino County since it started in the middle of the night Sunday, October 8, 2017.

Mendocino County is a large county with approximately 550 individual vineyard properties totaling 18,000 acres. The fire has affected a relatively small portion of our Mendocino’s vineyard acreage – currently at 1100 acres in the fire zone. The two major winegrowing regions affected are Redwood Valley and Potter Valley.  Redwood Valley was ravaged by fire early Monday morning with nearly 100 homes lost. 

Approximately 38 vineyard properties were in the fire zone, totaling an estimated 900 acres of the 2800 acres planted to grapes in this region.  Potter Valley suffered damage to at least 5 vineyard properties totaling about 200 acres.  It is not known what the extent of the damage will be to the vineyards within the fire zone.

The Mendocino grape harvest is well underway with most of the white varietals already picked, and close to 75% of the red varietals harvested.  At this time only one winery was partially damaged by the fires, Frey Vineyards in Redwood Valley.

The following image reflects the complete fire zone since the fire began, till 9am today.  The red border is the fire zone, and small dots represent individual vineyards. The information was gathered from the National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA) and MWI.  

Mendocino Winegrowers Inc. is working to coordinate resources for growers and vintners impacted by this terrible tragedy. For those wishing to donate to the fire victims we recommend The Disaster Fund for Mendocino County created by The Community Foundation of Mendocino County.



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