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2017 SITEVI International Competition Honors Vicard Generation 7 for Tannin Selection Barrels

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NAPA, Sept 27, 2017 – The prestigious international awards competition; SITEVI Innovation 2017, has announced the winners of the most innovative equipment, products, technologies and services in the beverage industry. Vicard Generation 7 is proud to be recognized for their revolutionary Tannin Selection Barrels. 

The judges at SITEVI noted 3 major trends which are emerging in the industry:

  • The development of Digital technology for machine automation and for “Digital agriculture”
  • The improvement of the efficiency of crop protection machines
  • The optimization of the quality of operations and production

The 3rd trend of “optimization of the quality of operations and production” speaks to the core focus of Vicard Generation 7 cooperage. Because oak aging is an essential element to obtain the sought-after quality and character of fine wine, consistency in barrels is highly desirable and represents a crucial component. Vicard Generation 7 is leading through an innovative selection of staves according to their ellagitannin content paired with a patented, computer controlled radiant heat toasting system. Because tannin content is associated with the level of other compounds like whiskey lactones and furfural (toasted notes), coopering using this method rather than the old-fashioned way, allows winemakers to select barrels that yield very precise flavor and structure profiles. 

“Just knowing how much tannin the barrel will bring before fermentation begins is an asset in the cellar. However, also knowing if it will promote red or dark fruit, add to the length, bring out citrus notes or any of the other flavors we can predict using this system is a huge advance for the modern winemaker.” said Christy Thomas, Business Development Manager for Vicard Generation 7.

For more information about Vicard Generation 7 tannin potential barrels, please visit www.vicardg7.com  or contact: Christy Thomas at [email protected] or at 707-228-5982

About Vicard Generation 7

Jean-Charles Vicard founded the cooperage with a single goal: understand, control and then eliminate all the variables in the coopering process and deliver barrels that have predictable flavor profiles.  Vicard Generation 7 now leads the industry with a completely new approach regarding wood analysis, selection and toasting which ensures barrels are homogeneous and reproducible.  Backed by international research teams and the partnerships of wine and spirit professionals around the world, Vicard Generation 7 is changing the paradigm.  

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