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Wein-Bauer, ​Inc. Introduces ​a Beer Inspired Spirit ​with​ ​Release ​of​ ​the New ​750mL “Bauer’s ​Bierschnapps”


From ​​Award-Winning ​​Distillery​ ​Fischer Spirits ​​in​ ​Vienna,​ ​Austria

Chicago, IL (September 7, 2017) – Wein-Bauer Inc. today introduced a new addition to their Bauer’s Spirit line. Bauer’s Bierschnapps, Alcohol with natural beer flavoring, from Vienna, Austria will join Bauer’s Obstler, an apple and pear brandy, to create the first duo of its kind. The Bauer’s Bierschnapps traditional packaging, flavor profile and concept are a ​true ​industry ​first.

“This has been a concept that I have wanted to introduce to the American consumer since I started back in 1980 ” said Manfred Bauer, Founder & CEO of Wein Bauer, inc.. “Something so new and different is really exciting to be able to share for the first time. We believe that the Bauer’s Bierschnapps uniqueness will create an authentic reaction and ​​inspire ​creativity ​when ​it ​comes to ​mixology and promotions​.”

Bauer’s Bierschnapps has the ability to be mixed in cocktails, enjoyed neat or even used to strengthen a beer. Wein-Bauer has amped up its promotional efforts partnering with major bars in the key cities to introduce the spirit with live music, beer stein shot glasses and tastings in Dirndl’s. The simple smell of Bauer’s Bierschnapps hints at something ​new, ​different ​​and ​​revolutionary. ​Be different, drink different. ;

Bauer’s Bierschnapps is all-natural, gluten-free alcohol with natural beer flavoring from Vienna, ​Austria available ​in ​a 750mL glass ​format ​at 60-proof (30% ​ABV)

About Bauer​ ​Bierschnapps®

Different in every way, Bauer’s Bierschnapps is a combination of two worlds. A spirit that is inspired by beer, made for those who embrace difference, tradition and creativity. The 60-proof (30% ABV) has a remarkably smooth finish. First created in 1923 when Manfred Bauer’s great grandfather, Leopold, bought a local Austrian brewery and transformed it into a winery and distillery. Leopold distilled the leftover beer from the brewery creating the first ever Bauer’s Bierschnapps. Production came to a halt at the start of the second World War. Now Almost 8 decades later, Manfred has brought ​his ​​family ​​tradition ​back ​to​ ​life.

“A ​Beer ​Inspired​ ​Spirit”

Suggested retail price is $29.99 750 mL glass bottle.. Find out more at www.weinbauer.com ​Please ​​enjoy responsibly.



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