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Global Spirit Awards Announces 2017 Winners


Dewars, Brown Forman, E&J Gallo & Smirnoff Among Double Gold & Gold Winners

(Las Vegas – September 6, 2017) Over 275 spirits were judged at this year’s inaugural Global Spirit Awards at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, August 16th-18th. 9 elite judges, with over 175 years of combined experience voted on the winners being announced today on the Global Spirit Awards and Food & Beverage Magazine websites.

Over 100 independent distilleries showcased spirits made with unique ingredients, challenging traditional recipes and judge’s palates. European brands including Braunstein Distillery of Denmark, Underground Spirits of Australia, and Altvater Gessler of Austria were excited to introduce their brands to the US. Global Spirit Award Executive Director, Eddie Rivkin says, “As the first spirit competition in Vegas, a city leading the spirits/mixology industry, we couldn’t be more excited. Our judges highlighted new and unique spirits from 5 continents and over 25 states. We look forward to announcing our wine competition later this year.” Overall, judges awarded approximately 150 winners listed here:

PREMIUM AWARD WINNERS: Braunstein Distillery|Danica Peated Whisky – Judges Award Best of Show, Best of Show, Best Whisky, Best World Whisky, Best Aged Spirit, Dewar’s|The Monarch 15 Year – Best Scotch, Nevada Distilling|Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon Whiskey – Best American Whiskey, Pike Creek 10 Year – Best Canadian Whiskey, Black Eye Vodka – Best Traditional Vodka, EG Vodka Inspirition|Rosemary & Lavender – Best Flavored Vodka, Best Overall Vodka, Drake’s Organic – Best Rum (White), Black Forest BOAR Distillery| Black Forrest Dry Gin – Best White Spirit, Best Gin, El Silencio Espadin – Best Mezcal, ReligionTequila Blanco – Best Tequila, Padre Azul Anejo – Best Aged Tequila, Ratu Signature 8 year Old – Best Liquer

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNERS: Nevada Distilling|Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Crooked Water Spirits|Abyss Gin, Prohibition Liquor Co.|Prohibition Gin, Milk Street Distillery|Dam Break Rye Grain Spirit Dewar’s|Signature, Mezcal El Silencio|Espadin, Drake’s Organic|Drake’s White Rum, Padre Azul|Anejo, Monopolow|Piolunowka, Braunstein Distillery|Braunstein Danica Whisky Peated, Embajador Tequila|Supreme Anejo, Dewar’s|The Ancestor 12yo, Black Eyed Distilling|BLK EYE Vodka, EG Vodka|Inspiration, Pomp & Whimsy|Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur, BOAR|Black Forest Dry Gin, Religion Tequila|Religion Blanco, Bati|Ratu Signature 8 Year, Savage & Cooke|AYATE Tequila Reposado, Mezcal Mala Idea|Espadin Capon Joven Agave de 12 Anos, 10th Mountain Whiskey|Rye, New Amsterdam|Apple Vodka, Pike Creek Distillery|Pike Creek Whiskey 10 Year

GOLD MEDAL WINNERS: Don Q Rum|Don Q 151 Rum, Kohler Chocolates|Chocolate Mint Brandy, STOLEN SPIRITS|11 Year Old Whiskey, D’usse|D’usse VSOP, Elgin Distillery|Arizona Straight Bourbon Whiskey, SASH & FRITZ The German Vodka|SASH & FRITZ, Radouga Distilleries|Provincial Spiced Vodka, Ron Veleiro|Veleiro Dorado, Holla|Holla Vodka, 10th Mountain Whiskey|Potato Vodka, Heritage Distilling Company|BSB103 Brown Sugar Bourbon, Monopolow|Jezynowka, Benazet|Benazet Blanc Vodka, Monkey Shoulder|Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky, Early Times|Early Times Bottled In Bond, Underground Spirits|Signature Gin, John Drew|Rye, Kamiki Whiskey|Kamiki Japanese Whisky, Up North Distillery|Barrel Finished Honey Spirits, John Drew |Brixton Mash Destroyer, Local Choice|Doppio Espresso Flavored Vodka , Monopolowa|Pomaranczowka, Ron Veleiro|Veleiro Blanco, Braunstein Distillery|Braunstein Danica Whiskey, Smirnoff|Smirnoff Peppermint Twist, Radouga Distilleries|Paul’s Blueberry Pie Liquer, Mezcal Mala Idea|Ensamble Javali Tobala, Espladin Joven Wild Agave 10-14 Anos, Kick Back Cove|Apple Pie Moonshine, Don Q Rum|Don Q Anejo, Waterpocket|Oread Botanical Liqueur, Stonecutter Spirits|Heritage Cask Whiskey, Ogden Distillery|Madam Pattirini Small Batch Gin, James Henry Bourbon Premium Small Batch|James Henry Premium Small Batch Whisky, Hawaii Sea Spirits|Ocean Vodka, Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur, John Drew|Dove Tail Rum

SILVER MEDAL WINNERS: 6 Degree Tequila|Blanco, Milk Street Distillery|Wooden Leg Rum, Cleveland Underground|Bourbon Whiskey with Sugar Maple Wood, Cleveland Underground|Bourbon Whiskey with Hickory Wood, , Cleveland Underground|Bourbon Whiskey with Honey Locust Wood, Don Suenos|Don Suenos Blanco, Mezcal Mala Idea|Tobala Joven Wild Agave de 14 Anos, BOGARTS|BOGARTS Rum, E & J Brandy|VS, Crooked Water Spirits|Kings Point, Nevada Distilling|Smoke Wagon Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey, New Amsterdam|Gin, Familia Camarena|Tequila Reposado, Somrus|Alphonso Mango, Perfectomundo Tequila|Resposado, Iron Smoke Distillery|Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Whiskey, E & J Brandy|VSOP, Smirnoff|Smirnoff Red, White & Berry, Padre Azul|Silver, Dewars|White Label, Zamaca|Maca Premium Liqueur, Local Choice|Black Cherry Bourbon, The Jewel of Russia|Black Label Ultra, Cleveland Underground|Bourbon Whiskey with Apple Wood, Radouga Distilleries|Paul’s Apple Pie Liquer, Don Q Rum|Don Q 2007 Single Barrel Signature, Local Choice|Easy Rider Bourbon Whiskey, MVP Vodka, Stalk & Barrel|Stalk & Barrel Red Blend, 10th Mountain Whiskey|Bourbon, Tequila Azul Imperial|Extra Anejo, New Amsterdam|Vodka, Ron Veleiro|Veleiro Reserve Especia, Crooked Water Spirits|Sundog Gin, J.A. Baczewski|Orzechowka, Embajador |Platinum Bianco, Western Sun Distillery|Big Stripe Watermelon, EG Vodka|Origin, Wodka Vodka, Bati|Ratu Dark, Iron Smoke Whiskey, Cynergy|Caramel Infused Vodka, Black Fly|Vodka Grapefruit, Kick Back Cove|Blueberry Moonshine, J.A. Baczewski|Whiskey, Don Q Rum|Don Q Rum Gran Anejo Rum, Kick Back Cove|Fire Moonshine, Flaco Coquito, Smirnoff|Smirnoff NO 21, Glass Distillery|Glass Nectar, SomruS|Nectar of the Gods, E & J Brandy|Peach, Radouga Distilleries|Provincial Vodka, Monopolowa|Vodka Monopolow, Nevada Distilling|Smoke Wagon Private Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Hudson Whiskey|Manhattan Rye, Suerte Tequila|Blanco, Underground Spirits|Signature Vodka, Zirkova|Zirkova Together Ultra-Premium Vodka, Braunstein Distillery|Danica Gin, Grand Teton Distillery|Born and Bred Vodka, Mountain Peak Espresso Rum, Monkey 47 Scharzwald Gin, Waterpocket|Blanco Rum, Monopolowa |Monopolowa Dry Gin, , HillBilly Bourbon|86 Proof, Smirnoff|Smirnoff Vanilla, Yolo Rum|Yolo Rum Gold, Don Q Rum|Don Q 2005 Single Barrel Signaure Reserve, Dry Town Vodka, J.A Baczewski|Morelowka, Sumptous Syrups of Vermont|Sumptous Farm to Bar Yellow Ginger Rich Simple Syrup, Glass Distillery|Selkirk Vodka, Caged head Cocktail Syrup, Heritage Distilling Company|BSB-Brown Sugar Bouron, Waterpocket|Notom Amaro #1, Maruada|Marauda Rum STEELPAN, LIQS Cocktail Shot|Whiskey Fireshot, Texas Wildlfower|Texas Wildflower Blood Orange Vodka

BRONZE MEDAL WINNERS: 6 Degree Tequila|Reposado, LIQS Cocktail Shot|Tequila Cinnamon Orange, Padre Azul|Resposado, Yolo Rum|Silver, Black Fly|Vodka Cranberry, Siempre|Tequila Plata, E&J Brandy|Apple, Kohler Original Chocolates|Dark Chocolate Brandy, Underground Spirits|Caramel Vodka, LIQS Cocktail Shot|Vodka Lychee Grapefruit, SIEGFRIED Rheinland Dry Gin, EG Vodka|Windsor, BOGART’s|BOGART’S GIN, Drake’s Organic Vodka, VIVA XXXII|Joven Tequila, Panther City Distillery|Hell’s Half Acre 1885, Demon Rum, Crooked Water Spirits|L’eau Grand Vodka, Virus Vodka, Mezcal Veras|Mezcal Veras Joven, Perfectomundo Tequila|Anejo, Embajador Tequila|Premium Reposado, Flor de Cana|Flor de Cana 7, Knockmore Whiskey, Ron Veleiro|Veleiro Coco, VOGA Italia|VOGA Vodka, Perfectomundo Tequila|Blanco, Prohibition Liquor Co.|Bathtub Cut, Zirkova|ONE Ultra-Premium Vodka, Kick Back Cove|CLEAR MOONSHINE, Venetia Vodka, Suerte Tequila|Extra Anejo, Monopolowa|Ovovit, Spa Girl Cocktails|Spa Martini, Dewars|The Vintage 18yo, Taste of Florida|Bloody Mary Mix, Stalk & Barrel|Stalk & Barrel Blue Blend, Mezcal Mala Idea|Anejo 4 Anos, Local Choice Spirits|Boosie Juice, Taste of Florida|Pina Colada, HillBilly Bourbon|101 Proof, MVP Lemon Berry Vodka, Kick Back Cove|Orange Blossom Honey Moonshine, New Amsterdam|Lemon Vodka, Kick Back Cove|Blackberry Moonshine, E & J Brandy|XO

Judges: Steve Beal – Recognized worldwide as a distilled spirit expert & judge at International Wine & Spirits Competitions, Danny Ronen – spirits educator with focus on sustainability, Rick Edwards – Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Master award winner & whiskey expert, Jim Romdall – Rum Expert, Founding member of Washington Bartender’s Guild, Judge at San Fran World Spirits Competition, Mia Mastroianni – Master Mixologist on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”, Bobby “G” Gleason – former USA Mixologist of the Year & educator, Damian Cross – corporate mixologist for Station Casinos, and 20 year casino industry veteran. Juyoung Kang – multiple award winning bartender in Las Vegas. Paula Dezzutti – CEO of Local Choice Spirits

Global Spirit Awards: Founded in 2017, the Global Spirit Awards is the first-ever spirits competition in Las Vegas. An elite judging panel of industry luminaries, mixologists, and consultants gather to taste products from brands all over the world. This inaugural year, nearly 300 entries were submitted in the distilled product category and plans to host a wine competition are set for February 2018. www.globalspiritsawards.com #Globalspiritawards

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