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Tradition Meets Technology with the RX misano


The art of wine making is steeped in heritage, with archaeological evidence from some of the first wineries dating back to 4000 BC. With this history comes a wealth knowledge and many processes, some of which are still in practise today. Developments in wine making have focused on reducing many of the more labour-intensive methods without losing the art of wine making.

As the industry adopts new techniques and moves away from traditional practices, such as manual grape presses and hand corking, it may be assumed that wine making is losing its roots.  However, these technological improvements draw upon tradition, they work to reinforce the processes to reap the benefits of increased efficiency and greater control. The future of wine making will always be underpinned by its rich history, working to optimise the processes and improve wine safety.

The traditions of wine making have all taken a modern twist, we’ve replaced nearly everything apart from the makers. Adopting new techniques doesn’t need to mean that the end product loses its authenticity. Embracing new technology can greatly improve the quality of wine, from ensuring the correct levels of acidity to regulating the levels of YAN prior to fermentation.

With 18 kits available, Randox Food offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of wine testing reagents on the market. All reagents are manufactured to provide you with the highest levels of sensitivity to ensure you receive accurate and reliable results. Randox Food offer a comprehensive range of analysers and versatile reagents to ensure the quality of your wine from vine to glass.  The face of wine making is changing and it’s time to embrace change, let the RX misano bring technology to your fingertips.

Retain the heritage of your wine whilst ensuring the highest quality, say ‘goodbye’ to the guess work and say ‘hello’ to the future of wine making – the RX misano.

For more information on Randox Foods wine analysers, enzymatic and colorimetric kits please contact [email protected] to request a brochure or to arrange to speak directly to one of our sales executives in your country.

About Randox Food Diagnostics

With over 30 years’ experience in the diagnostic market, Randox Food Diagnostics continue to transform the landscape of conventional drug residue screening and wine analysis, by developing revolutionary high quality products to improving the global food safety chain. Our versatile range of kits include an extensive list of drug residue ELISAs and biochip arrays, as well as our dedicated enzymatic kits for the wine and beverage markets.

Within Randox Food Diagnostics we offer remarkable tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones and drugs of abuse in animals and produce. Offering superb limits of detections and simple sample preparations, Randox Food Diagnostics has an extensive and expanding range consisting of 38 ELISA’s and 16 multiplex screening platforms. Our comprehensive range and trusted screening solutions are intertwined with continually improving the standards of global food safety.



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