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Women for WineSense Napa Sonoma Elects New Marketing Director, Lisa N. Brown


NAPA, CALIFORNIA | August 23, 2017:  Women for WineSense Napa Sonoma chapter welcomes Lisa N. Brown, Brand Manager for Import and California portfolios at Boisset Collection, as the new Marketing and Communications Director. She will oversee all digital marketing, engagement and media relations. “We are excited to welcome Lisa as she brings fresh perspectives and a wealth of knowledge around marketing and communications,” explains Sandra Hess, President of Women for WineSense Napa Sonoma. “As our roundtable groups and events continue to evolve, we strive to keep our messaging and communications relevant to existing members and new audiences alike.”

Lisa N. Brown, a natural polygot, has worked internationally, in France and the U.S., interfacing with partners across the globe while cultivating her international luxury brand management experience and strengthening her commitment to creative communication and strategic thinking. 

Lisa began working in wine while living in Dijon, France. The home of world-renowned Chardonnay and Pinot Noir proved irresistible, and a simple taste would not satiate her desire to learn more. Driven to deepen her knowledge and understanding of Burgundy and wine, Lisa completed her graduate studies in Wine Business at the Institut Jules Guyot at the University of Burgundy as well as the Level II WSET. During the two and a half years Lisa spent working in several departments at La Compagnie des Vins d’Autrefois, a négociant in Beaune, she had the rare opportunity to experience winemaking firsthand in the winery and XIIth century cellars located next to the office and work with partner Domaines from across the region.  In the summer of 2014, Lisa traded the French countryside for the Napa Valley to share her enthusiasm for Burgundian wines with the U.S. market by joining forces with the internationally renowned Boisset Collection. 

Lisa managed strategy and supported brand development for all of Boisset’s Import brands, which provided the unique opportunity of pairing her technical, operational and marketing skills with a desire to share the joie de vivre of wine with new palates in the U.S.

Later, seizing the opportunity to oversee the marketing strategy for the California brands as well, allowed her to drive alignment and leadership in developing a strategic brand portfolio while collaborating with international and cross-functional teams. This experience translates across luxury brands and consumer marketing from strategically managing 22 brands including 9 product launches and cross-promotional programs.

The vision of a “wine lifestyle” at Boisset has provided a platform for Lisa to further explore and develop unexpected partnerships and opportunities with tangential luxury and media industries by integrating varying arts around the wine experience. This includes the creation of a wine collection with John Legend inspired by his love and music that recently accompanied his tour in a live VIP experience, sourcing and curating the finest delicacies from around the world for a gourmet boutique, uniting the worlds of wine and fashion in a bottle and on the runway, as well as supporting film, network & streaming media projects.  

“I am continually surprised by the ubiquitous interest and growing fascination of wine across the world as well as the infinite possibilities of what could follow the uncorking of a bottle,” Lisa stated. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with a community of people whose mission is to share and empower learning and growth around wine.”

ABOUT WOMEN FOR WINESENSE NAPA Women for WineSense is a not-for-profit organization 501(c)6 formed in 1990, and the founders believe that wine enhances and enriches everyday life.   Women for WineSense is the premier wine education and networking organization for wine aficionados and industry professionals, providing women and men with unbiased information about the cultural heritage, social and health effects of moderate wine consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle. The organization is committed to offering outstanding educational programs, mentoring and networking opportunities to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals. The Napa/Sonoma Chapter currently has more than 350 members of which 70% are wine industry professionals. The Napa/Sonoma chapter also offers eight roundtable groups for members to connect with like-minded members, share best practices and enjoy mentoring opportunities. Some roundtable groups have been meeting for over 20 years and are closed to new members while other groups have openings.  To learn more about Women for WineSense, visit: www.womenforwinesense.org.

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