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A Great Year for Corsican Wine Producers


With slightly larger quantities than 2015, the 2016 vintage is very promising.

The first impressions on the 2016 vintage are out and they are positive! Despite an unusual year, the millesimal is very bright and forecasts great wines.

Bastia, July 2017 – Starting with an exceptionally sweet winter and an equally warm early spring, 2016 allowed vineyards to blossom early. However, the warm season was a little colder than usual, leading to a later crop than 2015, starting only at the very end of August. Precocious varietals were harvested as usual, but other varietals developed over a longer time span.

Grape quality was satisfying as a whole. The vintage appears to be very homogenic from one terroir to the other. Production levels are satisfying with harvest volumes (375,000 hL) are superior to 2015 (370,000 hL).

Tasting Notes

White wines offer a nice expression and great intensity on the palate with a long finish.

Rosé wines follow the same trend, whether the dominant grape variety is Sciaccarellu or Niellucciu. Their colors are very bright.

Red wines show appealing robes as well with concentrated fruit flavors. They are pleasant, well balanced with supple tannins and promising structure.

“The public of La Nuit En Rosé showed a strong interest in Corsican wines, said Pierrick Bouquet, co-founder of the festival. The Board had brought 10 producers to New York for the event. The wines are still exotic for the general public and that’s a great selling point, even for rosé aficionados. Their booth remained busy all night long. And those who came to discover the wines left smiling, charmed by flavors new to their palate. I heard a lot of good things from our guests”

70% of wines produced in Corsica are rosé wines. This is one of the reasons why CIV (Corsican Wines Board) brought a 10-producer delegation to La Nuit en Rosé in New York in May. For more information about the wines presented during the event, please check out the tasting book.

About the CIV (Corsican Wines Board):

The CIV is the Corsican marketing board in charge of regional policy in terms of research, quality, economy and general marketing & promotional actions,on a regional, national and international level. 120 privates wineries & 4 cooperatives are producing today 370.000 hectoliters in AOP & IGP, with around 70 % of Rosé wines.

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