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Robin Baggett Acquires Stake in Perinet Winery in Priorat

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Vintner of Alpha Omega and Tolosa Wineries Enhances Portfolio with Spanish Winery

RUTHERFORD, Calif. (August 7, 2017) — Robin Baggett, vintner of Alpha Omega winery in Napa Valley and sister winery Tolosa in San Luis Obispo, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a significant interest in Perinet, an estate vineyard and modern, architecturally-designed winery in the prestigious Priorat DOQ region of Spain. The purchase marks another innovative move for Baggett, a pioneer who proved to be ahead of his time when he founded Alpha Omega in 2006 on the direct-to-consumer and Tolosa on the direct-to-trade business models that have since become more common. Both Alpha Omega and Tolosa, which each sells 95% of their wine DTC and DTT, will sell Perinet in their tasting rooms.

“We produce Bordeaux-style wines at Alpha Omega and Burgundian varietal wines at Tolosa. Perinet complements the two wineries perfectly,” says Baggett, who co-founded Tolosa winery in 1998, a decade after planting more than 750 acres of vineyards in San Luis Obispo and creating a successful custom crush operation with his partners.

Perinet CEO Kevin McGlynn says, “Perinet, the jewel of the Priorat, looks forward to working with Robin Baggett and the teams at Alpha Omega and Tolosa wineries. Perinet could not have found a better partner. With Alpha Omega’s and Tolosa’s leadership position in the DTC and DTT markets, we are confident our ultra-premium Priorat wines will be well received in the US market.”

Alpha Omega winemaker Jean Hoefliger, who consults for Tolosa, takes on a consulting role for Perinet as well and will work with winemaker Toni Sanchez-Ortiz in Spain. Located approximately 90 minutes southwest of Barcelona in the north of the Priorat, Perinet sits on 133 acres with 54 of those acres planted to local varietals of Carignan (Carinyena) and Grenache (Garnatxa) along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The state-of-the-art winery was completed in 2004 and includes a 40,000-case production facility along with an exquisite Gaudi-inspired barrel room designed to function both as a barrel cellar and an entertainment venue.

“Perinet Winery is the largest and finest winery in the Priorat, which is one of a handful of appellations in the world surging in importance and quality,” Norrel Robertson, Master of Wine, said in 2014. “With the quality of its estate vineyards and the size and modern design and technology of the winery, Perinet Winery could become a dominant player in this important region.”

The Priorat, one of Spain’s two regions with DOQ designation (the other being Rioja), is fast becoming world renowned for its premium quality wines, with many wines, including those from Perinet, scoring over 90+ in international publications and a number of wines garnering a perfect 100 points.

About Alpha Omega

Founded in 2006 by Robin and Michelle Baggett, Alpha Omega began as a direct-to-consumer pioneer and now sells 95% of its wine through this channel. Located on Highway 29 in the legendary Rutherford Bench of Napa Valley, Alpha Omega produces world-class, Bordeaux-style, handcrafted wines made with prized grapes from its own vineyards and historic vineyards by Swiss-born winemaker Jean Hoefliger and consulting winemaker Michel Rolland. With its landmark fountains, tranquil pond and stunning views of the Mayacamas Mountains and vineyards, the winery exudes a sense of place and offers hospitality reflective of the farming community. Alpha Omega’s land and winery are Napa Green certified. To learn more, please visit www.aowinery.com

About Tolosa

Tolosa, established in San Luis Obispo in 1998, is an artisanal producer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Helmed by vintner Robin Baggett, Tolosa epitomizes the special terroir that is Edna Valley, nestled amongst the northwest to southeast running volcanic hills of San Luis Obispo County and the frontier for the most complex cool-climate varietals in California. Its Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays reflect the cold Pacific wind that sweeps down the coast and funnels into the valley, as well as the remarkable diversity of soil types: ingredients for nuanced and balanced wines of distinctive character. Tolosa combines traditional methods, such as hand punch down and whole berry uncrushed fermentations, with state-of-the-art equipment in the cellar and cutting edge technology in the vineyard to handcraft exceptional wines that are the purest expressions of Edna Valley. To learn more, please visit www.tolosawinery.com.

About Perinet

Perinet, in the Priorat DOQ and 90 minutes northwest of Barcelona, opened in 2004 to offer authentic, ultra-premium estate wines and unique experiences. Spread over 133 acres, the estate vineyard and state-of-the art winery are surrounded by local varietals Carignan and Grenache along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Rising to more than 1,500 feet, the vineyards are terraced high into the mountains. Perinet’s three vineyards, Mas d’en Xes, Mas Vell and Planetes, encompass three broad visions of the ancient Priorat and combine to shape a new balance of styles in winemaking. The three vineyard climates each create their own wine style, allowing Perinet to produce wines always linked to the weather and the slate soil of the Priorat. To learn more, please visit www.perinetwinery.com.

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