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Renowned Viticulturist Guest Speaker at El Dorado Wine Grape Growers Meeting


Renowned Viticulturist Stan Grant to discuss key elements of vineyard management during the ripening phase.

While wine grape vineyards are intensely managed early season and mid season, this not the case after veraison.  During the ripening period, wine grapes typically receive irrigations, but little else.  It is, however, a period rife with viticultural risks.  The most common ripening period risks for grapevines include tissue damaging stresses associated with water, heat, sunlight, and potassium.  The nature of these risks, strategies to manage them, and tactics for very high temperatures are the topic of the presentation Ripening Period Vineyard Management.

The El Dorado Wine Grape Growers will be sponsoring this event at their August 17th Meeting, 6:00pm at The Veterans Hall, 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville 95667 CA. This event is free to attend.

About Stan Grant

Stan Grant’s viticulture career began 31 years ago when he worked as a field assistant with the University of California Cooperative Extension then moved to industry positions with Gallo Vineyards and Duarte Nursery before starting his consulting company, Progressive Viticulture in 2000. He has written several research based articles for industry newsletters and trade journals and provides technical services for vineyard development and wine grape production. For more information go to http://www.progressivevit.com

The El Dorado Wine Grape Growers Association is committed to helping growers to improve quality and market visibility of wine grapes grown in El Dorado County. For more information visit our website http://www.eldoradograpes.com/



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