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Renteria Vineyards Hosts the First WineSeq Roundtable


Biome Makers, a biotech start-up hold a new session called WineSeq Roundtable in the headquarters of Renteria Vineyards, in Napa Valley.

Last Monday, July 17, WineSeq Roundtable took place for the first time in California. The meeting was showcased and hosted in the building of Renteria Vineyard, in Napa. Biome Makers aims to provide insight into the potential of vine and wine microbiome as the backbone of terroir concept. The company takes advantage of the last months before harvest to raise awareness about the importance of knowing the microbiological biodiversity of vineyard soil to control the development of vine diseases.

The dynamic and contents of this roundtable were aligned with the previous courses developed in Spain. A brief introduction in Microbiology of Wine was the starting point of the session, followed by concepts in vineyard soil micro biome and presentation of practical cases. The course ended with Tasting the Microbione, a new tasting format in which the soil as the driven factor of wine identity. The correlation between the terroir and organoleptic profile and wine attributes was naked during this innovative wine tasting.

Biome Makers is the company that created the WineSeq tool: sophisticated DNA sequencing techniques and Big Data technology that allow viticulturist identify, quantify and compare all the microorganisms living in vineyard soil, to practice sustainable agriculture and precision enology. The goal of this enterprise is the promotion of microbial soil knowledge and the creation of “Biomaps” that integrates the microbiome of a wine region. In addition, the company is committed to respectful viticulture, ecosystem management and respect for the environment.

In this course, the company has shown the functioning of the tool, and the dynamics of WineSeq Community, the largest global community for wine microbiology. A part of the WineSeq Portal in which participants from all over the world share their experience, address their concerns, suggest solutions and participate in discussions on matters of common interest in wine and vine microbiome.

With more than 2,000 samples analyzed, WineSeq makes it possible for the wine sector to control its entire production process, starting in the vineyard, thus enhancing special nuances in wines and highlight unique qualities such as the aroma and the flavor.

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