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Napa’s St. Mayhem Evolves Wine Cooler Category with Canned Craft Coolers


“Ginger Loves Company“: Chardonnay with Peaches and Ginger Available in 4-Pack Cans

NAPA, CA (July 12, 2017) – Today, St. Mayhem introduces the first offering in a line of canned craft wine coolers expected to evolve the category and appeal to oenophiles and casual wine drinkers alike.

Starting this month, Ginger Loves Company, a Chardonnay-based craft wine cooler with peaches and ground ginger, will roll out in California and Colorado becoming St. Mayhem’s first year-round release available in canned four-packs. Each pack contains 250ml (8.5 ounce) cans equaling 1000ml or about one and one-third bottles of wine. Ginger Loves Company weighs in at a robust 14.1% ABV.

“Ginger Loves Company is incredibly refreshing and contains these complex tropical flavors that pair perfectly with hot summer days and nights,” says Kat McDonald, co-owner and founder of St. Mayhem. “There’s no glass to break and no corkscrews to remember. Just toss a few cans in your backpack and head out with friends.”

Tasting Notes:

The flavors of Chardonnay coat the mouth followed quickly by a touch of summer sweetness from ripe peach and the spice of ginger that lingers forever. Serve chilled.

Suggested Pairings:

Ginger Loves Company pairs well with banh-mi hot dogs, spicy tuna sushi, salumi and Labor Day weekend.

Four-packs of Ginger Loves Company will be available in stores across California and Colorado and also deliverable to all 50 states via www.StMayhem.com. SRP is $25.

About St. Mayhem

In 2012, Kat and Rob McDonald, owners of Napa Valley’s Art + Farm Wines, launched St. Mayhem, a line of delicious modern craft wine coolers with exotic ingredients.

In addition to Ginger Loves Company in canned 4-packs, St. Mayhem offers year-round offerings in 750ml bottles including Ginger Loves Company, Hath No Fury, a Sauvignon Blanc based wine cooler with Jalapeno & Habanero Peppers and Wine Geek Breakfast, which is a cold brewed Ritual Roasters coffee using Merlot instead of water, then aged with jalapeños.

For more information visit St. Mayhem on their website, Instagram, and Twitter.

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