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Revolution Equipment Sales Announces the Launch of Their New Self-Service Econofieds Focusing on Small and Inexpensive Equipment for Home Winemakers and Brewers


Santa Rosa, CA (July 10, 2017)– Revolution Equipment Sales is launching a new self-service classified section to their website geared towards inexpensive winery and brewery equipment.  This new service, dubbed the “Econofieds”, is for any equipment under $3000.  The Econofieds will allow wineries, breweries, and home enthusiasts alike to buy and sell their smaller equipment on a forum that caters to their price point.  The site is temporarily free with a coupon code, and is in the process of being populated with equipment.

 “Having a venue to advertise smaller equipment for a reduced price point is something that our customers have requested.  This will allow smaller items that may be collecting dust to be used by other operations that may have that specific need,” explained Andrew Wooller, Sales General Manager for Revolution Equipment Sales. “Our goal is to not have any equipment sitting in storage when there is a need for that equipment by someone else.”

Revolution Equipment Sales is commonly owned with P&L Specialties and the Tom Beard Company, who since 1983 have been supplying custom fabricated equipment to the wine and food processing industry. Using their 30 years of experience designing, building and maintaining production equipment, Revolution Equipment Sales has applied that knowledge and skills to serve the used equipment market, adding value to every transaction and to ensure customer confidence with each purchase.  For more information visit: http://revolutionequipmentsales.com/econofieds



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