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Finger Lakes Chapter Hosting Women for WineSense 2017 National Grand Event in the Heart of the Finger Lakes


Keynote Speaker Karen MacNeil, author of “The Wine Bible”

FINGER LAKES, N.Y., 2017 – Women for WineSense (WWS), a national organization dedicated to wine education, leadership and networking, will hold its Grand Event July 27- 29, 2017 in the Finger Lakes Wine Region. The Finger Lakes Chapter (WWS FLX) will host members and wine enthusiasts from around the nation for this three day wine symposium. Karen MacNeil, renowned wine professional and author of the revered book, “The Wine Bible,” is the keynote speaker. Other wine industry leaders and professionals participating in the Grand Event include Michaela Rodeno, Wendy Narby, Janie Brooks Heuck, Julie Johnson, Nova Cadamatre, Amy Gross, and our own Holly Howell and Martha Macinski.

The three day conference, a ticketed event, comprises exclusive winery visits, seminars led by national leaders of the wine industry, luncheon and keynote speech, and a celebration of the Finger Lakes wine and culinary bounty on Linden Street in Geneva, NY.

The Women for WineSense Grand Event is a symposium for everyone who loves wine. All are welcome to join in this long weekend of wine, food, and education.

Women for WineSense is a national organization founded in 1990 by Michaela Rodeno and Julie Johnson when their children came home from school asking them, “why are you making drugs?”

Outraged that their children were not receiving balanced information, they formed Women for WineSense to discuss moderate wine consumption, its benefits in a healthy lifestyle, and the need for balanced information in warning labels on wine bottles. WWS has 10 active chapters throughout the country; Karla Barber is the current national President of WWS.

The Finger Lakes chapter of WWS was established less than two years ago and is honored to have been chosen, as a such a young chapter, to plan and host the 2017 Grand Event. Recognizing WWS as an important organization for both women and the wine industry, leaders of the FLX wine industry formed WWS FLX in 2015. The Finger Lakes Chapter board includes, Donna Schlosser-Long – President, Marti Macinski – Vice President, Meaghan Frank – Secretary, Sandy Waters – Membership, Cheryl Dianetti – Membership, Katie Roller – Marketing, Kyle Pallischeck – Website & Social, Kelly Towers – Events, Christine Maguire – Scholarship, Karen Desmond – Newsletter & Special Events, Rosemary Schreiber – Hospitality & Special Events, Jessi Eaves – Treasurer.

For more information contact Katie Roller, Grand Event Chair and Marketing Director for WWS FLX, or visit www.womenforwinesense.org/grandevent.



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