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Enabling Wine Lovers to Realize All the Details of Their Wine – Introducing the Vinlumin™, a Dual Function Wine Light Box

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The Vinlumin™ is the first of its kind dual function wine light box. It’s two lights – one for decanting and one for assessing the color of the wine in the glass. The Vinlumin™ will help wine lovers discover all the details of their wine.

Houston, TX April 2017 – If a wine lover wants to explore all of the details of their most cherished varietals, they’ll need two types of light. First, a focused light for decanting to help see the sediment before it flows with the wine into the decanter and second, a diffused, steady light for enhanced visual assessment of the wine color in the glass.

“Before the Vinlumin™, when a collector wanted to decant their vintage red wines, they would have to find a candle, matches or in a pinch, a cell phone light to shine through the bottle and wine. They would also need to track down a white tablecloth in order to try to see the color striations of the wine in the glass. Not always the easiest of tasks. With the Vinlumin™ you get to skip multiple steps and use one tool. This revolutionary dual function light box allows you to have consistent light designed specifically for catching the sediment before it goes into the decanter along with a steady, diffused light for examining the color of their wines,” said Jost Lunstroth, founder of Nos Caves Vin, the wine storage company and the developer of the Vinlumin™.

“We created numerous prototypes with the input of wine collectors to determine the exact amount of light strength needed to get it just right. The decanting light is the ideal size and light strength so you can see through the shoulder and neck of the bottle and catch the sediment as it begins to flow out of the bottle and into the decanter.

The diffused light is just soft enough so that the colors are visible and distinct and not so strong as to overwhelm the eye,” said Lunstroth. “We made it portable with a rechargeable battery so it can be used just about anywhere – in your home wine cellar, in the kitchen, at the dining room table or at a table in a fine restaurant.”

Jost knows that decanting vintage wines without any sediment in the decanter is ideal and being able to analyze the colors of the wine once it is in the glass is equally important to truly knowing and enjoying the wine. This is what lead him to not only create the Vinlumin™, but also have the foresight to make it portable enough for practical use.

The Vinlumin™ is available only through the website – www.vinlumin.com There are currently two models available – Personal and Commercial – with personalization available for both.

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