Agrothermal Systems Announces Agroblow™ for Fighting Rain Damage


Agroblow in combination with Agrotherm XT™ provides a one pass process to deliver full Thermaculture® effects in wet conditions.

Dateline: June 15. Napa, CA Today Agrothermal Systems announced a new machine solution in the battle to fight rain damage on vertically grown crops such as grapes, trellised orchards, cane berries and others. Agroblow is a double-sided fan system that mounts to the front-end of a tractor. Intended as the first part of a sequential treatment, Agroblow precedes the Agrotherm XT machine in order to blow off standing water before the Agrotherm XT heats, and dries off the flower or fruit, and canopy.

Agroblow was created to better deal with rain events than is possible with Agrotherm XT alone. The combination helps increase fruit set and protects against mildew and rot development during periods of rain.

According to Tim Matson, Director of Field Operations at Agrothermal Systems “In California we rarely have to deal with rain, so our Agrotherm XT can have full effect on dry or slightly damp vines. But, in climates like Canada, Oregon, the UK, Northern Europe, and other cooler, wetter locations, rain can disrupt the effects of heat by blocking heat transfer to the plant surface. The wetness actually can reduce the effect of Thermaculture on fruit set, heat shock and disease control. With the addition of Agroblow, we expect our customers to see much better results in these challenging climates.”

The Company also announced an introductory promotional price of $6,000 for Agroblow, now through the first of September. After the first, the list price for Agroblow will increase to $8,750 plus shipping and applicable taxes. There is also an optional hydraulic pillar lift for height adjustments which, costs an additional $1,000.

Additional summer specials are also available. According to Marty Fischer, CEO of Agrothermal Systems, “For those who decide to order an Agrotherm XT for delivery by end of year, they can get the Agroblow for only $3,000. This is a heck of an incentive to order Agrotherm XT.” To take advantage of this offer, just visit the Company’s website at Certain restriction apply.

Agroblow is produced in Wittlich, Germany by Clemens GmbH who also manufactures the Agrotherm XT 

Agrothermal Systems is based in Napa, California and is a DBA of Lazo TPC Global, Inc. a California Corporation. Agrothermal Systems has pioneered the use of Thermaculture as a means to increase yields, reduce pesticide needs and improve crop qualities. The company holds patents on Thermal Pest Control and has patents pending on other aspects of the technology.