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Canada’s National Winery Directory Now Features over 5,500 Canadian wines


CALGARY & OTTAWA, CANADA – June 8, 2017 – The Canadian Vintners Association (CVA) and Global Wine Database (GWDB Inc.) are proud to announce the largest and most comprehensive online database of Canadian wineries and wines: www.wine411.ca. The online database, launched two years ago, featuring every winery in Canada, now catalogues 5,500 Canadian wines, complete with tasting notes, suggestions of other vintages and similar wines, as well as food pairings, in one seamless online experience. This is the first time all wines produced in Canada have been available in one location. 

Launched as a joint initiative between CVA and GWDB Inc. to bolster winery tourism, the partners now hope Wine411.ca will increase consumer and global trade knowledge of Canadian wines, as well as encourage more winery sales.

The Canadian wine industry is undergoing tremendous growth, with the number of wineries having doubled within the last decade. The grape wine industry has a national economic impact valued at $9 billion annually, and number of visitors to Canadian wineries has risen to almost 4 million each year, and yet there was no national database of all of Canada’s wines.

“The diversity of wines made across Canada is exceptional,” said Dan Paszkowski, President and CEO of the Canadian Vintners Association. “This comprehensive resource will allow consumers and industry professionals to discover their preferred wine styles and grape varietals, now integrated into Wine411.ca”.

Wine411.ca is built on Canadian technology from GWDB Inc. which allows all Canadian wine producers to control and manage their winery and wine information themselves. This is the first time globally that wine producers can take control of their information and wine consumers can get accurate, producer-driven data. Wine411.ca should be first stop for media, trade, government and consumers to get Canadian wine information.

“For years, even basic wine data has been unreliable. Global Wine Database takes an entirely new approach by giving the producers the power to control the facts about their individual wines as well as their brands. GWDB’s powerful database and extensive API allows for apps, retailers, government, media and the general public to find the facts quickly and accurately” said David Gluzman, President of GWDB Inc.

Quick facts about Wine411.ca as of today:

  • 100,000 visitors annually and growing
  • Over 700 Canadian wineries
  • Over 5,500 Canadian wines
  • 139 wine varieties grown across Canada
  • Wineries are in control of the data
  • Consumers can get the most up-to-date information on the largest number of wines available in Canada
  • 100% free for consumers and producers

Wineries can login to GWDB today and update all their information and all their wines (including past vintages) for free by signing up at www.GWDB.io.

Media and trade can apply for exclusive early access to GWDB’s global wine data by reaching out to the team through www.GWDB.io.

About the joint project partners:

The Canadian Vintners Association (CVA) is the national voice of the Canadian wine industry, representing more than 90% of Canada’s annual wine production. CVA members are engaged in the entire wine value chain from grape growing, farm management, grape harvesting, research, wine production, bottling, retail sales and tourism. www.canadianvintners.com

GWDB Inc., based in Calgary, developed the Global Wine Database which powers Wine411.ca and is a subsidiary of BlackSquare Inc, the most innovative ecommerce provider tailoring for direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales in the global wine and beer industry. BlackSquare powers efficient, cost-effective DTC sales for wine-producing clients on four continents. www.gwdb.io



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