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Introducing Blu Perfer, a New Blue Wine to the U.S.


A brand new blue Spanish wine selection that is made with Chardonnay grapes is coming soon to the American market. Get yourselves ready for this amazing product of our shelves that will be serving your glasses soon.

Branded Blu Perfer it embraces traditional wines of the Mediterranean, a classic product in a revolutionary format that induces the curiosity of wine lovers. To those on board already hold it in there.

It is made of grapes, macerated with extracts of grape skin, obtaining pleasant aromas of cherry, raspberry and passion fruit, giving a fresh and fruity taste. Its delicious selection of blue wines inspires the modernity and tradition present in the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture.

The wine is Mediterranean-blue, specially crafted using white grapes plus a natural colorant extracted from the grape skin, anthocyanin E163, making this beautiful and elegant blue color.

We have distributed more than 130000 bottles of blue wine in different countries during the whole of 2016. This will be the first ever launch of a new innovative and international brand in New York as the first state, so New Yorkers hold tightly. For those yearning for a sunny day on the Mediterranean beach, while in the U.S, wait no longer as Blu Perfer is first landing in the New York state.

Bring to yourself, good times of a sunny day while in the U.S, with this exclusive and original wine. We owe everything to the work of Juan Perez, a third-generation winemaker whose mastery is visibly illuminated in its design and craft. This beauty is created close to the Mediterranean Sea in a desert region in the deep Almeria desert.

Products used are totally harmless for human consumption as it contains 11 percent alcohol only making it a safe consumption. The wine is also made using grape skin extract which is also sources of antioxidants that are important to the consumers.

Imagine coming all the way from BODEGAS PERFER, deep in the Almeria desert (Spain), the only existing desert in Europe, we intend to bridge the gap to our loyal consumers in the markets worldwide.

This is an international brand therefore, we wish to share our original products with the rest of the world, hopefully, having a lot of fun and meeting new friends on the way as we grow. We would love to highlight the expertise of the international markets of our US partners and our wine making masters who provide a high level of service to our consumers and distributors linked to us directly or indirectly.

Primed as a new concept by our team of professional makers, this is a new blue wine that will be embracing the American market very soon with its innovative and original produce. To the customers who are already aware, it is going to be available in the US market this spring-summer.

A unique and trendy wine, for the enthusiast who wants to taste something different.

Definitely the summer hit of this year 2017!

Dare to try it! #BlueWineLovers




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