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Atlas Wine Utilizes 4-Point Approach to Reach Millennial Wine Buyers


 (Napa, CA) – Atlas Wine Co.’s four-point approach to reaching millennial wine buyers is a combination of TRANSPARENCY, AUTHENTICITY, INNOVATION & FUN.

Reaching the millennial market has been elusive for many industries, and it’s even more so for the wine industry. How can an industry whose processes and beliefs, which are steeped in tradition, communicate in a way that speaks to the millennial market? Atlas Wine Co. utilizes a four-point approach to achieve this.


Before a millennial will give you their business (or recommend you) they want to feel that they can trust you. The only way for them to do that is to know everything about you. Being transparent in your business practices, products, processes, and beliefs is an essential part of doing business in our modern world. With so many choices available it’s a connection through common beliefs, between brand and customer, that can tip the scales in your favor. Atlas Wine is proud to offer hand-crafted wines for under $20, but we are even more proud of how we can accomplish this while maintaining our beliefs in an additive-free, sustainable manner. To highlight our commitment to transparency we provide full wine analysis test reports for each of our wines, and a sustainability commitment on-line. Also going forward from our 2016 vintages we have created super informative back labels that not only include the usual AVA regions, serving temp information and food pairings but also showcase our ingredients, and the number of clusters of grapes in every bottle.


With so much information at their fingertips, millennials don’t require the slick polished advertising that their predecessors took for quality. Instead, they are looking for an authentic experience. Atlas Wine knows that we aren’t making a “special occasion” wine, we are making a wine that is designed for everyday drinking both in taste and in price. Atlas combines language (and tone) with scenarios that we find ourselves in everyday, like playing card games with our friends, running a 10k on the weekend, or making dinner after a long day at work.  The combination is effective because it rings true. We are trying to reach people who are just like us…people who like wine and want a little fun in their life.


This is probably the most difficult aspect for the wine industry to embrace. It doesn’t necessarily mean being innovative in how you “advertise” but in how you are willing to “reach” your market. Millennials are smart, digital natives that aren’t afraid to try new things. In order to connect with the millennial market Atlas Wine Co. has expanded its product line to include offering OMEN and Oro Bello wines through Kuvée (the FreshPour™ smart bottle that allows you to order directly from the touch-screen), half-bottles through their partnership with Blue Apron, keg and tap at local breweries such as Solid Ground Brewing, and is currently working on a canned wine project to be launched in early 2018.


The millennial market has been viewed as fickle and frustrating but really it is a market that is creative, adventurous and is always looking for the next good time. This year Atlas Wine will be taking their OMEN and Oro Bello wine brands across the country as a “wine host” at various Ragnar Events (approx. 200-mile team running races). Taking the opportunity to be in the midst of 10,000+ millennials who not only get to drink your wine but are having an amazing time challenging themselves, working together as a team and donating to charity is the ultimate millennial experience.

Currently producing approximately 8,000 cases between their two brands (OMEN and Oro Bello), Atlas Wine feels that a 30,000 case per year goal is achievable within a few years as people, regardless of age or income, are eager to find additive-free, craft wine at an everyday price.


2016 OMEN Oregon Pinot Noir, 2015 OMEN Sierra Foothills Zinfandel, 2015 OMEN Sierra Foothills Red Blend and 2016 Oro Bello Chardonnay are currently available at restaurants, retailers and online. All OMEN wines have a suggested retail price of $19.99 / 750ml. Oro Bello Chardonnay has a suggested retail price of $17.99

For more information about Atlas Wine Co, OMEN Wine and Oro Bello please visit: www.atlaswineco.com. Join in: #omenwine #thisisagoodsign #orobellowine



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