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The Prosecco DOC Consortium Announces the Launch of ‘Casa Prosecco DOC USA’


New York, April 10th, 2017 – The Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco (Prosecco DOC Consortium, www.prosecco.wine) is proud to announce the formation of ‘Casa Prosecco DOC USA,’ which will serve as the denomination’s official source of news and information in the United States, the second largest importer of Prosecco in the world.

Sales of Prosecco have continued to increase more than 20% annually since 2013 in the US, and the growth and popularity of America’s favorite sparkling wine show no signs of slowing. Given the importance of the US market for Prosecco producers, the Consortium was keen to open an official bureau in the United States.

“When we inaugurated the first ‘Casa Prosecco’ in Xi’An, China in March 2016, I announced that we would open other headquarters in other cities around the world soon thereafter,” said Stefano Zanette, President of the Prosecco DOC Consortium. “Now, after opening Casa Prosecco DOC Hamburg, recently announced at the ProWein industry expo in Dusseldorf, we are happy to announce the inauguration of Casa Prosecco DOC USA.

“The US market has been a huge champion of Prosecco, continually affirming that the American public knows how to appreciate the quality and affordable prices of our wines. Despite the fact that the US represents more than 20% of all Prosecco exports, we believe that there is still enormous growth potential. It’s no coincidence that the US market is our first priority, and we allocate more resources there for promotional, professional, and educational activities than in any other market.”

Colangelo & Partners, an integrated communications agency specializing in fine wine and spirits, will be the official US headquarters of Casa Prosecco. Colangelo & Partners has worked with several leading producers over more than a decade and has been the agency of record for the Prosecco DOC Consortium since 2014, focused on promoting and protecting the reputation and authenticity of this popular sparkling wine that has many imitators.

“We first started promoting Prosecco in the very early days of its development in the US,” said Gino Colangelo, president of Colangelo & Partners. “We’re proud to see the continued growth of this special wine, and determined to contribute to its continued success.”  

From Romania and South America to Australia, wine that is advertised as Prosecco is sold to consumers who are not aware of the fact that the name Prosecco can only be used to designate wines that are grown in nine specific provinces of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions of Italy. Bars and restaurants claim to serve Prosecco “on tap,” despite the fact that official regulations state that Prosecco can only be packaged in a glass bottle. And sparkling rosé wines are referred to as “Prosecco Rosé” on the wine lists of some of the best restaurants in the world with renowned sommeliers, even though according to official regulations, Prosecco cannot be rosé. These are just some of the challenges that need to be addressed to protect the authenticity and quality of Prosecco.

The Prosecco DOC Consortium and Colangelo & Partners are continuing to work together to debunk myths and educate trade and consumers alike about Prosecco through trade and press seminars, important industry conferences, continuous media outreach, and participation in consumer events like art shows, fashion shows, and collectors events.

Casa Prosecco DOC USA will continue and expand upon this work by becoming the official source of all news and information concerning Prosecco in the US and around the world. The Casa Prosecco DOC USA website (link when live) will be updated regularly with the most pertinent news regarding Prosecco, from new regulations and initiatives to harvest reports and export data to national and international events involving Prosecco. The team of Casa Prosecco DOC USA will also respond to inquiries about Prosecco from news outlets, press, and consumers via the official contact form on the website (link once site is live).

For more information visit www.casaprosecco.com or contact Casa Prosecco DOC USA directly:

Casa Prosecco DOC USA
1010 6th Avenue Suite 300
New York, NY 10018
Tel: +1.646.346.1757
Email: casaprosecco@colangelopr.com

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