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Preparing for Tomorrow’s Marketplace: IBWSS Sets the Agenda for July Conference


The brave new world of private label wine and spirits is coming to California this summer

San Francisco, California – Hundreds of wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors and retailers will meet at the South San Francisco Conference Center for the debut of the highly anticipated International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show on July 26-27. At the event, attendees will learn about the latest trends in bulk wine and spirits, including the recent emergence of private labels as a point of competitive differentiation. The main theme of the event is learning how to grow a bulk wine, bulk spirits or private label business.

After two full days of presentations, workshops, masterclasses and panel discussions, attendees will learn best practices in the industry and walk away with actionable insights on how to grow their business. Here are just a few of the topics on the agenda of the IBWS Show:

  • “Trends That Are Shaping The Global Bulk Wine, Spirits and Private Label Market”
  • “10 Points You Need To Include In Private Label, Bulk Wine and Spirits Distribution Agreements”
  • “From Plonk to Cult Wines, Myths About the Bulk Wine Industry Cleared”
  • “Factors You Must Include In Considering Buying Bulk Wine”
  • “How Current Grape Supply and Demand Affects You”
  • “A Classic or the Kitchen Sink? – Blending for Quality and Style”
  • “Consumers Love Bulk Wine. Emerging Techniques For Navigating Fine Wine Obstructions in the Distribution Channel”

As part of this packed conference agenda, participants will hear from a mix of different wine and spirits authorities, each covering a unique aspect of the bulk wine and spirits industry from a variety of different perspectives.

For example, if you thought that marketing a spirits brand is all that you can do, think again. Earl Hewlette from Terressentia Corporation will talk at the IBWS Show about how you can optimize your revenues by selling bulk and private label spirits. Chris Mehringer from Park Street will discuss how you can create a private label brand without a distillery and what regulations and permits are needed. And Bob Paulinski MW will explain how you can create a successful brand for your retail store or restaurant.

Whether they know it or not, retailers and store brands are now engaged in a new competition to win over a different type of wine and spirits drinker: one who has embraced the concept of private labels. So if you are a hotel or hospitality business looking to create a distinctive experience for guests, a restaurant looking for new mid-priced offerings for a wine list, or a national retail chain looking for a product that will boost margins, you need to know what’s happening in the private label and bulk wine and spirits industry. If you don’t, your competitors will.

By attending the IBWS Show in San Francisco, you will be at the forefront of a major new trend that has the potential to change the dynamics of the wine and spirits industry for a long time to come. This summer in California, get prepared to look into the future and view the changing contours of tomorrow’s wine and spirits marketplace.



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