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Laurent Ponsot, the Man Who Exposed the Greatest Wine Fraudster in History, Adopts the Selinko Authentication Solution for Domaine Ponsot


The Sherlock Holmes of Burgundy, who went all around the world to unmask Rudy Kurniawan, the young and brilliant collector of vintage wines, today puts as much energy into ensuring the authenticity of his wines as into snaring counterfeiters.

Having been directly confronted by the wine counterfeiting phenomenon, Laurent Ponsot has chosen the Selinko solution to strengthen the protection of Domaine Ponsot’s Premiers Crus and Grands Crus. The estate, situated in the famous Côte de Nuits, a narrow band of domains known as the “Champs Elysées of Burgundy” by virtue of its outstanding vineyards, produces 20 appellations including 12 Grands Crus. To protect its output, Laurent Ponsot relies on state-of-the-art digital technologies combining robustness and ease of connectivity with consumers. Working with eProvenance since 2011 to monitor temperature and storage conditions of their cases, Ponsot began shipping the world’s first eProvenance Intelligent Cases in 2014, and is now giving their bottles a digital identity via the Selinko platform to facilitate control of their authenticity by everyone around the world.

Patrick Eischen, CEO Selinko: “We are particularly proud of this collaboration with Laurent Ponsot, probably the finest ambassador when it comes to protecting against counterfeiting in the wine industry. Laurent Ponsot estate produces a wine which expresses continuity of excellence, and which we must protect at all costs. Devotee of IT and new technologies, he was heavily involved in the selection of a solution that meets his many criteria in terms of security, ease of integration and use of the technology which, in his opinion, must be in step with the world in which we live. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology was quickly identified as the best solution that could meet all of Laurent Ponsot’s requirements and that could naturally combine respect for tradition and innovation.

With this new announcement, Selinko today confirms its leading position on the market for digital authentication and traceability solutions for Burgundy wines.

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