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eCode.me Announces Wine CRM Platform for Wine Clubs and Tasting Rooms


New Vinotype™ Business Platform Helps Wineries to Connect, Convert, and Retain Wine Customers.

NAPA, Calif. March 1, 2017 — Today’s wine consumers are demanding, and expect a lot in exchange for their attention. Indeed, there has never been a time when more wine companies were competing for mindshare, and consumers have so many purchase options available to them. Today, the consumer is in the power position and while US wine sales continue to grow the number of new brands and products is growing even faster.

So, how do wine businesses make their products stand out, and keep their customers and wine club members longer? The answer is all about connecting at a new, more personal level. What researchers like Master of Wine, Tim Hanni, are finding is that this “connection” leads to sales and a word not often heard when it comes to wine: loyalty.

For nearly 30 years Hanni has worked with research colleagues, wine consumers, and the industry to better understand personal preferences and why people like the wines they like. He has authored two books on the subject of consumer wine preferences and now offers a software as a service (SaaS) platform called myVinotype™ (www.myvinotype.com) that helps wine businesses sell more wine by learning more about, and paying attention to, their customers’ personal preferences.

With these tools, wine lovers are invited to take a quick, free sensory and preference assessment, based mostly on things outside of wine that they “love, hate or want”. Then the platform utilizes a proprietary algorithm to analyze their “sensory sensitivities” and ascribes a “Vinotype”, which tells them other interesting things about themselves, like they “cut the tags out of their clothes,” and “there is a high likelihood your mother had morning sickness”. But, most importantly, it accurately tells which wines other people just like them tend to enjoy most, creating a “smart wine recommendation engine.” This is great for consumers and really helps empower people who sometimes feel overwhelmed with the options and misinformation tormenting their wine enjoyment experience.

And for wine marketers it’s a dream come true as they now have a profile and very intimate understanding of the attitudes, preferences, and values of their customer. This leads to a new conversation around wine, customized wine selections, targeted marketing campaigns, useful analytics, and a personal connection with their customer like never before. To be more specific, the Vinotype™ platform assesses consumer preferences (in web, social and mobile channels), shares this information with the wine business, enables them to analyze data, export targeted lists based on specific filters, and also includes fun, informative videos, tips, newsletters, and direct connection to a Master of Wine. This is all made available to the wine business on an affordable, annual subscription basis.

As this is all new material and a truly unique technology to the wine industry, Hanni offers a free webinar to discuss his research, sales tips, Vinotype™ methodology, and details of this platform online every day (visit http://myVinotype.com/sign-up for details).

The platform has been in beta and accessible to a few select clients for two years while they added functionality, tested concepts and ironed out kinks. Now it is available to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to connect with customers on a whole new level.

For more information visit http://myVinotype.com/sign-up and learn about the free two-week trial, price plans, webinar registration and all the details of the new Vinotype platform. myVinotype™ is a free consumer resource and wine business platform. It is the first offering from parent company, eCode.me™ whose mission is to create a personalization platform across many industries that helps consumers find personalized products and relevant reviews, and businesses to better understand and connect with their customers.



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