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Diam Bouchage Introduces Origine® by Diam a New, Technologically Advanced Sustainable Cork


Made from Natural Ingredient Cork, Beeswax and 100% Vegetable Polyols

NAPA, Calif. (February 22, 2017) – Twelve years after launching its DIAMANT® technology, Diam Bouchage, a global leader in manufacturing technological corks, is once again ready to revolutionize the wine packaging world with Origine® by Diam, a new sustainable cork and major technological and environmental advancement.

“This new innovation offers a natural sealing solution while maintaining the proven reliability of Diam Bouchage in terms of guaranteed no detectable TCA, consistency and oxygen control,” said Francois Margot, Diam Bouchage Sales Manager for North America.

For years, Diam Bouchage’s Research & Development department has worked to develop new, environmentally-friendly products.  Today, after several years of research on natural ingredients, Diam Bouchage offers Origine by Diam, made from cork, beeswax emulsion and 100% vegetable polyols. This new technology is the result of research combining permeability and natural ingredients, and it responds to the demand from premium customers to create more open permeability closures that maintain the long life needed for aging wines. Currently, Origine by Diam will be offered for Diam 10 and Diam 30 closures in the Diam range for still wines.  In the near future, it will be extended to other closures offered by Diam Bouchage.

“The use of beeswax reflects our company’s commitment to green practices and products,” said Margot.  He added, “It is also reflected in the name we chose, Origine by Diam.   Pollination performed by honeybees is the basis of the biodiversity of our planet. With oxygen, it is the origin(e) of the life cycle of our cork oaks, and thus, our closures.  This is why Diam Bouchage is also contributing money to support critical habitats for bees by sponsoring hives in different French wine regions to help build and sustain bee populations.”

Diam Bouchage, a French company located in the Pyrenees Orientales, annually produces and sells more than 1.5 billion closures.  For more than 10 years, Diam has built its success on the revolutionary DIAMANT process that extracts TCA molecules* responsible for cork taint, as well as other molecules that can affect the taste of wine.   

* Releasable TCA (≤ the limit of quantification of 0.3 ng/l)

About Diam Bouchage

DIAM Bouchage (“DIAM”) is a leader in the manufacturing of technological corks, offering a guarantee of closures with no detectable TCA, thereby assuring absolute consistency cork to cork. DIAM offers corks with different levels of oxygen transmission rates. Using CO2 via its DIAMANT process, over 150 compounds are removed from each cork, eliminating the risk of “cork taint.” Final printing, coating and distribution of DIAM corks are done in the U.S. by its exclusive distributor, G3 Enterprises, Inc. (“G3”). G3’s Closure Division in Modesto, California meets the world’s most stringent environmental, ethical and economic sourcing standards with Forest Stewardship Council® Chain-of-Custody (FSC® CoC) certification. DIAM FSC® Certified corks can be produced on request. For more information, visit: http://www.diam-closures.com/.

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  1. Is this Bio-Diam realy neutral?
    I tasted it view minutes ago….
    … the wine has contact with diam only 76 hours!

    But check it by yourself.
    One glas of wine with 1 Diam and one without.
    Close it. Open it after 3 days.
    Taste first the wine without diam and then
    the wine with diam. What do YOU mean?


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