QikVin Pre-Sales Begin on

qikvinMilwaukee, WI – December 10, 2016 –The QikVin Wine Preservation System has reinvented the common wine bottle. The invention begins by removing the bottom (punt) and inserting instead a moving piston which works in tandem with a one-way valve in the neck of the bottle. The piston pushes the wine into your glass with simple gravity. Keeping the romance of the bottle, this Bordeaux-style design, removes all the air from the bottle leaving the wine fresh for days and weeks. The QikVin is dishwasher safe and is reusable. The Italian designer’s simple branding for the bottle includes a convenient scale which is ideal for tasting rooms, restaurants and home patrons. The design uses neither gas cartridges, pumps, needles, nor has extra parts. Best of all it pours like any other vintage wine.

Designed within the environment of a busy tasting room with nationally acclaimed wines the QikVin claims to freshness are being independently tested by Concordia University

Wisconsin’s pharmacy school using Raman Spectrometry and NMR technologies giving credence to QikVin’s claims. Results will be independently published in 2017.

Pre-sales began December 7, 2016 on The inventors are manufacturing QIKVIN in Wisconsin with a retail price set at $99.00. On Kickstarter introductory pricing begins at $55.00 US, plus shipping.

Harry Drung, of HHD Imports, Inc., a major Canadian wine importer, says, “The QikVin is to wine lovers what microscopes are to science!” The inventors see the device in every home and as common as a corkscrew! Cheers, and “Bottoms Up” – Harald Tomesch!