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Vinventions and Cork Supply Join Forces to Launch New Generation of Wine Closures


—     Market leaders in wine closures unveil plans to jointly introduce the world’s most sustainable micro-agglomerate natural cork called SÜBR  —

Paris, France (Nov. 17, 2016) — During a joint presentation held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, Presidents and CEOs of two global leading closure providers to the wine industry, Heino Freudenberg of Vinventions and Jochen Michalski of Cork Supply Group, have announced the market introduction of SÜBR, a next generation wine bottle closure made of natural cork and biodegradable materials. The product has been jointly developed by both companies, who will market it through their own sales channels. Companies target sales of over 500 million units by 2021.


SÜBR is the result of several years of development and is now ready for final market validation. With the majority of its composition based on natural cork and the remainder consisting of biodegradable materials, this new closure offers the benefit of being glue-free, recyclable and long-term biodegradable. With the high quality granules sourced from Cork Supply’s premium natural wine cork production and Vinventions’ patented production method, corks are TCA-taint-free, with levels less than 0.5 ng/L. SÜBR offers 100% oxygen management consistency and is designed for excellent cellar aging. Meticulous attention was given to the look and feel of SÜBR, resulting in a closure with ideal texture and character.

The product is currently in final market validation. It will be available for global commercial rollout starting Q2 2017. A full-scale manufacturing operation is being built that will have an initial capacity of 200 million closures. “SÜBR is a natural alternative to glue-based micro-agglomerated closures,” stated Heino Freudenberg, President and CEO of Vinventions, “and we are delighted to have developed this innovation together with Cork Supply, a true leader in top quality natural cork. We combined our invention culture and technology capabilities with Cork Supply’s unrivaled natural cork experience and quality commitment. This is truly the best of two worlds in one offering.”

“Vinventions has been a key partner in developing several important aspects of our business and closure range, and was the perfect match for the joint development of this revolutionary product,” said Jochen Michalski, President and CEO of Cork Supply. “With their expertise in oxygen management, Vinventions brings unique knowledge specific to wine preservation and closure consistency, which are critical product considerations. The SÜBR product family will fit perfectly in our existing product range.”

Both partners will present SÜBR to the world public during the Vinitech Trade Show in Bordeaux, France, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1.

About Cork Supply

Since its founding in 1981 by Jochen Michalski, the Cork Supply Group has been redefining quality through innovation, superior service, and expertise. The company is an ISO-certified producer of premium closure products for the global wine industry, including natural corks, Champagne corks, technical corks and Talis bartops. In addition, the Group offers labels from the award-winning Studio Labels, as well as traditional handcrafted, custom-finished French and American oak barrels and Creative Oak alternatives from their state-of-the-art cooperage, Tonnellerie Ô. The Group serves as distributor for products from Nomacorc, Guala Closures, Sparflex, Rivercap and Herti, and operates their own production facilities in all corners of the globe, including Europe, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, China, and the United States, providing services to wineries in more than thirty countries. See more at: www.corksupply.com.

About Vinventions

Vinventions was created by family entrepreneur Marc Noël with Bespoke Capital Partners and Heino Freudenberg, among others. The company’s goal is to become the most innovative and trusted supplier of wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industries. In January 2015, Vinventions acquired Nomacorc, a leading global supplier of premium zero-defect and plant-based closures to the wine industry. In July 2015, Ohlinger Group joined Vinventions, adding 3 generations of natural cork experience. In November 2015, Vinventions concluded an international distributor agreement with Vinolok/Vinoseal, adding high-performance glass closures to its growing range of wine closure solutions. Today, Vinventions has over 550 employees and operates seven production sites in USA, Belgium, Germany, France, South Africa, Argentina, and China. Vinventions protects every eighth wine bottle worldwide with its closures. The leadership values of Vinventions center on customer dedication, innovation, operational excellence, local entrepreneurship, open teamwork and long-term responsibility. See more at: www.vinventions.com.

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