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Dalla Terra Winery Direct Welcomes Sicily-Based Tenuta Capofaro and Tenuta Whitaker to Its Portfolio of Family-Owned Italian Wineries


(October 31, 2016; Napa, CA)—Dalla Terra Winery Direct® today announced that Sicily-based wineries Tenuta Capofaro and Tenuta Whitaker have joined Dalla Terra’s portfolio of renowned family-owned Italian estates. Both estates are owned and operated by the Tasca d’Almerita family, who has been making wine in the region for over two hundred years and owns a total of five diverse wineries throughout Sicily. Dalla Terra will be the sole USA agent for Tenuta Capofaro and Tenuta Whitaker.


Estate vineyard at Tenuta Capofaro in Salina

In 2002, the Tasca family purchased 12 acres of Malvasia delle Lipari vineyards on the island of Salina (which has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1981) and subsequently founded Tenuta Capofaro with the goal of producing elegant Malvasia wines with higher acidity levels. This varietal in particular thrives on the property’s rich volcanic soil, completely absent of limestone, naturally creating wines with higher acidity, while maintaining freshness thanks to the cooling influences of the Mediterranean. The estate vineyards, which lead from the mountains to the sea, surround the family’s five-star resort where visitors can enjoy the wines paired to local cuisine and more, bringing an element of luxury hospitality to the region. Today, Tenuta Capofaro produces a traditionally sweet Malvasia, Malvasia Capofaro ($45) and was an innovator in 2013 with Didyme ($25), the first vintage of dry Malvasia to be produced in the region.

Tenuta Whitaker is a collaborative effort shared by the Tasca family and the Whitaker family, who came to the island of Mozia from England in the 19th century to plant the first Grillo vines—a traditional blending grape which is a cross between Moscato and Catarratto—with the hope of producing a Marsala that would rival Madeira and Port. Today, with the help of the Tasca family’s efforts, Grillo is being rediscovered as a dry, aromatic white wine full of complexity and minerality. The vineyards of Mozia – ancient Motya – are utterly unique. Once a Phoenician colony, this island-museum in Marsala’s Stagnone lagoon is an extraordinary archeological site, intimately linked with the history of Sicily, its people and its world-famous wines. Of the island’s 99 acres, only 17 are planted to Grillo, where the oldest sections of the vineyard are still cultivated ad alberello (bush-trained). While Mozia has a generally hot and dry climate, Grillo thrives here by maturing early thereby avoiding drought and soaring temperatures. Tenuta Whitaker produces a 100% Grillo bottling, the Mozia Grillo ($22).

“Since 2013, we have enjoyed collaborating with the Tasca family and their Tascante estate in the Etna DOC. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop our relationship with them by working with Tenuta Capofaro and Tenuta Whitaker,” says Dalla Terra founder Brian Larky. “We’re especially eager to introduce two indigenous varietals—Malvasia and Grillo—to our portfolio. To visit these two vineyard sites, is to fall in love with them. Sicily is one of the most exciting wine regions today and we are glad to be expanding our offerings from this unique region.”


Grillo vines at Tenuta Whitaker in Mozia

About Dalla Terra Winery Direct®

The Dalla Terra Winery Direct® roster reads like a who’s who of some of the most esteemed family-owned wineries in Italy. Each producer has played a major role in the significant strides Italy has made over the last twenty years in improving the quality of its wines. Dalla Terra Winery Direct® is changing the nature of the wine importing and distribution business. The company’s unique business model allows U.S. distributors to buy directly from the producer. Dalla Terra’s business model offers a more efficient, economical and consumer-friendly way of shipping, distributing and marketing wine, eliminating on average 20 to 25% in markups on each bottle. While Dalla Terra’s services are sought after by winemakers all over Italy because of the company’s economically competitive edge, producers are also attracted by the company’s commitment to highlighting individuality by choosing to work with only a few top producers from each wine-growing region in Italy. Founder Brian Larky considers each of the producers he works with part of a roundtable on innovation and quality, at which each producer has a voice. In 2009, Wine Enthusiast nominated Dalla Terra for Importer of the Year for its annual Wine Star Awards. On January 24, 2011, Larky was inducted into the Italian Trade Commission’s Wines of Italy Hall of Fame at the opening reception for Vino 2011 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, NY. This marks the highest level of distinction presented by the Italian government to wine industry leaders. For more information on Dalla Terra and the wineries they work with, go to www.dallaterra.com or call 707.259.5405.

For more information about Tenuta Capofaro, please go to tascadalmerita.it/en/tenute/capofaro/
For more information about Tenuta Whitaker, please go to tascadalmerita.it/en/tenute/mozia/
For more information about Dalla Terra Winery Direct®, please go to www.dallaterra.com

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